ENZ recognised agencies

ENZ is currently undertaking a review of the Recognised Agency (ENZRA) programme with decisions likely in the second half of 2016.  We thank you for your patience at this time.

While the review process is underway, we are not accepting any new ENZRA applications and current applications are temporarily on hold. Please note agents are able to assist students to enrol with New Zealand education providers regardless of whether they have ENZRA status or have completed the free ENZ Agent Training e-learning programme. 

Please direct any questions to agenthelp@enz.govt.nz or subscribe to e-news for up to date news about the review. 

You can view previous editions of our agent newsletters here.

Agencies with a proven record of success can be recommended by a New Zealand partner institution to become an Education New Zealand Recognised Agency (ENZRA).

The appointment of ENZRAs is managed by Education New Zealand.

ENZRAs are listed on our website www.studyinnewzealand.com.

Please click on the steps below for more information.


Step 1 - Established relationship with New Zealand institution or school

Our schools and institutions are keen to work with good quality agencies that bring high quality students to New Zealand.

Agencies will have a contract with partner institutions and have established good two-way communication that supports students through the enrolment process and into their studies in New Zealand.

Agents who work for the agency must be ENZ Trained Agents which means they have successfully completed our free online e-learning programme.

Step 2 - Recommendation

The only way to become an ENZRA is by recommendation from a New Zealand institution or school – there is no application form and an agency cannot apply to Education New Zealand to become an ENZRA.

Agencies should discuss obtaining a recommendation with their partner school or institution.

Step 3 - Assessment

Education New Zealand will assess your recommendation to become an ENZRA, including without limitation:

  • industry recommendations and feedback
  • size and scale of your agency
  • input from the local Education New Zealand team
  • quality of your student applications
  • your ability to improve the value of student recruitment for New Zealand.

Agents who work for the agency must be ENZ Trained Agents which means they have successfully completed our free online e-learning programme

While Education New Zealand will consider each recommendation on its merits, ultimately, it has the absolute discretion whether to appoint an agency as an ENZ Recognised Agency or not. Education New Zealand’s decision on this matter is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 

Step 4 - Agreement

If your recommendation is approved we will email you the terms and conditions of appointment to the ENZRA programme. You can click here to read a copy of the term sheet.

Once you have read and agreed with the terms contained in the term sheet, you need to print it out, complete the details and sign where indicated, and return a scanned copy of the terms to Education New Zealand at enzra@enz.govt.nz.

You will be officially appointed as an ENZRA when you have completed the acceptance process, Education New Zealand has provided you with a counter-signed copy of this term sheet, and you activate your ENZRA account in The Brand Lab. 

Step 5 - Congratulations you are now an ENZ Recognised Agency

Being an ENZ Recognised Agency means:

  •  your agency details are list on our website www.studyinnewzealand.com so that students from your region can contact you to discuss studying in New Zealand
  • you get extended access to marketing resources in The Brand Lab
  • you can use the ENZRA logo on your website and in your marketing material
  • your local Education New Zealand team will invite you to be part of selected events and campaigns in your region.

Step 6 - Access The Brand Lab

As an ENZRA you have extended use of the marketing resources on The Brand Lab to produce high-quality marketing material using our distinctive Think New branding.

The Brand Lab has a wide range of marketing resources available for you to use, including:

  • a photo library – hundreds of images specific to education in New Zealand
  • the New Zealand Education Story video – telling the New Zealand Education Story in an expressive and engaging way
  • web banners, online ads and social media posts – content you can readily use on the many digital platforms available across the world
  • event signage, brochures and publications – branded resources and content to boost your marketing efforts
  • branded templates – put your information in to our Think New branded templates to clearly identify with New Zealand.

You can download the ENZRA logo from The Brand Lab.

Go to www.thebrandlab.educationnz.govt.nz and on the Toolkits tab, click on the Recognised Agency link to access your marketing resources.

Step 7 - Monitoring performance

Education New Zealand monitors all ENZRAs to ensure they maintain high levels of performance and meet the terms and conditions of the term sheet.

If an agency does not continue to meet high standards or behaves unsatisfactorily we will:

  • revoke their status as an ENZ Recognised Agency
  • remove their details from the Study in New Zealand website
  • some cases advise the international education industry.

In the future we plan to introduce an Official Partner status for high performing ENZRAs with trusted relationships with New Zealand institutions, to be used at selected events or campaigns.

High ethical standards

All agents working with Education New Zealand must read and agree to follow the Education New Zealand Code of Conduct and Complaints Process.

The Code of Conduct is based on the principles of the London Statement to which New Zealand is a signatory.

Agents must also read and agree to follow the New Zealand Privacy Act.