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General information about ENZ's international events

Education New Zealand co-ordinates and participates in a range of events and activities in our key markets to support the student recruitment and education business development objectives of New Zealand’s international education industry. 

Education New Zealand decides on what events to participate in based on whether they:

·         match what the New Zealand education system has to offer

·         will help attract students from our target markets

·         offer good value for money

·         have been successful events in the past

The events are a great opportunity for New Zealand international education providers to talk face-to-face with prospective international students and their families, as well as education agents, alumni and offshore education providers.

The events also provide the opportunity for education agents in our markets to gain a greater understanding of the New Zealand education landscape, enabling them to make informed recommendations to prospective students.

International Event Calendar

Education New Zealand's International Event Calendar is updated as and when new information is available. 

Event registration is open to New Zealand institutions that meet requirements as per the event terms and conditions at time of registration.

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Before committing to attend an event, please ensure that you are familiar with the latest market research and the event is the right fit for your institution’s goals. Each event link has information about the market and detailed information about the event.  If you're unsure about which events are best for you,please connect wit your key contact from the Business Development team. Please do not book your travel until you have successfully registered and received confirmation of attendance for the event.

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