The Prime Minister's Scholarship is awarded to individuals and currently contributes to the following costs relating to study, internship or research in Asia: 

1. Individuals on exchange, internship or other independent programmes

● Tuition fees of Asian institutions (not NZ fees)
● Contribution towards internship brokerage fees, up to a maximum of NZ$530 per week or actual if fee is less. Please note, this amount is the broker
● Return flights NZ - Asia - NZ$2,000 
● contribution to living, accommodation, visa, insurance etc costs of NZ$270 per week on programme (click here for a list of insurance requirements


2. Individuals on Group programmes

● New Zealand Tertiary providers/institutions may apply to the PMSA to fund a group (3+) to travel together to Asia on a specified programme that meets PMSA goals.
● Group programmes are applied for separately under the PMSA, and have their own application and reporting requirements. Individuals on a group programme must meet specified criteria.
● Individuals on a group programme are funded as for individuals above.


To download the current scholarship guidelines, please click here.

The scholarship is a programme funded by the New Zealand government and administered by Education New Zealand. 

The scholarship aims to:

  • Strengthen New Zealand institutions’ connections with their counterparts in key Asia countries
  • Promote understanding of the strength and quality of New Zealand’s education system and raise awareness of New Zealand as a preferred education destination
  • Improve the international skills of the New Zealand workforce
  • Strengthen people-to-people connections between New Zealand and countries in Asia through participants building lifelong friendships and networks.
  • Strengthen New Zealand’s ability to engage with key trading partners
  • Improve New Zealanders’ understanding of key trading partner’s business practice and culture

Long-term outcomes of the scholarship – we want Prime Minister’s Scholarship recipients:

  • Applying their skills, knowledge and abilities; embracing different cultural contexts and developing as genuine, respectful global citizens, and;
  • Using their skills, knowledge and networks to contribute to engagement and cooperation between New Zealand and key trading partners

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