9 April 2014 at 9:00 am

Agent inbound tours kickoff in April

The first in the latest round of agent familiarisation tours arrives in New Zealand in April, with the arrival of a group working with the Malaysian government's MARA scholarship programme.

This is the start of the 2013/14 round of agent visits supported with Education New Zealand funding on a regional and niche market basis.

The programme gives regional and sector groups the opportunity to introduce agents directly to their specific education offering. It follows the inbound agent funding offered to regions in 2013, when nine regions hosted 38 agents from 12 different countries involving 75 institutes and schools.

This year the programme was altered to require matched funding, so hosting organisations contribute half of the costs. It was also expanded to include speciality groups, such as the MARA scholarship coordinators (and one agent) who will tour the New Zealand universities they send scholars to. 

Regional groups hosting later in the year include Education Wanganui Export Network, Bay of Plenty, Venture Southland, Grow Wellington, and International Education Manawatu. 

The list of region/sector groups awarded funding this year is shown on the Education New Zealand website, including the countries the agent groups are coming from. 

To secure matched funding hosts have set up programmes for agents from priority markets that showcase pathway opportunities and foster alumni networks. They have also developed 12-month forward plans in order to build and maintain effective relationships with the visiting agents. All collaborative regional programmes were supported by the local economic development agency.

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