20 December 2017 at 9:00 am

ENZ and the New Zealand Film Commission have partnered on the upcoming film Mortal Engines

ENZ and the New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC) have partnered with Universal Pictures, MRC and Hungry City Limited on the upcoming film Mortal Engines.

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The partnership is part of the New Zealand Screen Production Grant 5% uplift, which the NZFC administers to international film productions that demonstrate significant economic benefits to New Zealand, including promotion of New Zealand’s education interests.

Production of Mortal Engines took place entirely in New Zealand. More than 1,000 New Zealanders – including crew, cast and craftspeople – were contracted during principal photography. New Zealanders also feature heavily in front of the camera, with more than 70% of the 50 speaking roles going to New Zealanders.

Grant McPherson, ENZ Chief Executive said the partnership with Mortal Engines and the NZFC provides an exceptional opportunity to build brand awareness of New Zealand as a high quality education destination for international students.

“This partnership allows us to showcase New Zealand’s education strengths in the creative arts—in which we are not just world-class but world-leading—and which offer our graduates global-career opportunities.

“It supports our brand positioning of New Zealand as a modern, dynamic and creative country with a lot to offer in the highly competitive international education market.”

Grant welcomed the opportunity to tell the stories of recent graduates and industry professionals who worked on Mortal Engines in ENZ’s global marketing programme.

The announcement coincides with the teaser trailer released yesterday.

Here is Television New Zealand’s One News report of the film partnership.

Mortal Engines opens worldwide in December 2018

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