11 March 2020 at 9:00 am

Keeping international students at the forefront of the RoVE conversation

An update on Education New Zealand’s work with RoVE and the IST Establishment Unit ahead of 1 April, when the New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology (NZIST) becomes officially established.

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ENZ has an important role in the implementation of the NZIST. We are tasked with ensuring the international education voice is heard and considered; supporting the vocational education sector during the transition; and helping shape the long-term plan for the NZIST international offering.

ENZ recently hosted a communications workshop with government agencies, the IST Establishment Unit and RoVE communications professionals to discuss the potential impact the vocational education reforms may have on international students and the international education sector.

The outcomes of the workshop included an international education focused communications approach that will consist of articles for overseas media, tailored updates for agents and students, and supporting brochures and factsheets. These will ensure international students and their support networks, which includes agents, family members and international office staff, receive relevant, timely information on the transition to the NZIST and feel confident that they know what it means for them and that New Zealand remains the best place for them to study.

ENZ’s Kaylee Butters is currently on secondment to the role of Director, IST Implementation. This role is focused on developing a comprehensive marketing programme to support the vocational education sector during the transition to NZIST, and helping shape the long-term brand positioning of the institute internationally.

“ENZ is excited by the opportunity to support the sector and the NZIST in these crucial stages of development,” Kaylee says. “We see this as an incredible chance to market New Zealand’s vocational education offering internationally under a strong, unified national brand.”

The short-term plan will leverage ENZ’s existing channels and platforms to communicate a clear and confident message to prospective international students, agents and partners. The goal is to continue to attract high-calibre learners to the ITP sector with key messaging and content that aligns with ENZ’s Think New brand.

Long-term, ENZ has an opportunity to work with the NZIST and other Government agencies to design a customised and competitive ‘package’ for international students.

To assist with the day one requirements of the NZIST, ENZ is also supporting the development of the institute's new website. ENZ has developed a student-facing digital ecosystem with award-winning digital marketing capability, business intelligence and Government-level security. ENZ is able to leverage crown investment by using www.studyinnewzealand.govt.nz as a foundation to build a new digital platform tailored to the ITP and ITO sector. We can also support the sector by sharing our learning to ensure the best possible user experience and customer journey for all international and domestic students.

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