9 November 2016

New Zealand International Education Strategy update

Work towards the strategy that will take New Zealand’s international education sector through to 2025 is advancing well.

With the first round of face-to-face engagement complete, and excellent online engagement coming through, the project group’s focus is now on setting out a framework for the draft strategy.

Prue Kyle, Programme Director, Education New Zealand says that dialogue to date has generated an abundance of valuable insights and ideas.

“Clear themes are emerging - we are hearing that international education should contribute to a prosperous and vibrant New Zealand, deliver quality sustainable growth, promote achievement within the sector and deliver social, cultural and economic value for students, the sector and New Zealand communities,” said Kyle. 

Prue added that these insights are being used to inform what the strategy needs to achieve from an aspirational perspective, what excellent outcomes for all stakeholders looks like, and how we can best play to New Zealand’s strengths and advantages. 

The timeframes for the project have been updated. A draft strategy is now likely to be released for consultation in mid to late February.

For those who have not yet contributed their thoughts, the NZIES page can be accessed here, or you can email your feedback to: strategy@enz.govt.nz. We are specifically looking for your views on:

  • What does success in international education look like in 2025?
  • What are the most important social, cultural and economic values, outcomes and experiences of international education?
  • What do people you see as three absolute priorities for international education in New Zealand?

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