20 June 2018 at 9:00 am

Student visa processing update

Immigration New Zealand’s Celia Coombes says that INZ continues to consolidate its global visa processing across fewer sites and aligning processing by customer segment (such as student, visitor, work).  

In INZ’s future footprint, all student visa processing will be done in Beijing, Mumbai, and Palmerston North offices.  

“We are confident that consolidating visa processing into a few key sites, and other changes to make technology and processes simpler, will deliver improved operational performance,” said Celia, who is INZ’s Sector Relationship Manager (Education). 

“They will make visa decision-making more accurate, consistent and timely and deliver an improved customer experience.  

"So far this year, INZ offices in Hong Kong, Dubai, Pretoria, and Ho Chi Minh City have transitioned student visa processing to the Beijing and Mumbai INZ offices.  

INZ’s management of the changes includes a process for the transfer of local market knowledge, which provides the context of different markets and includes training for staff in the receiving site. 

“We will continue to refine and validate this information based on insights gathered as part of the offices’ on-going operational performance measurement.

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