How to become an ENZ Recognised Agency

ENZRA Logo Secondary3Update on the ENZ Recognised Agency programme

COVID-19 has continued to impact us all for much longer than anticipated, and with the New Zealand border remaining closed to most, ENZ Recognised Agencies are still unable to meet the points and approval rate benchmarks as required by the programme.

We are going to roll over ENZ Recognised Agencies status for another 10 months while we continue to review the ENZRA programme to respond to this new environment. 

All current Recognised Agencies will remain in the ENZ Recognised Agency programme until December 2022 as long as they:
• sign an updated agreement
• remain a viable business
• meet conduct requirements.

We continue to work with our Recognised Agencies to ensure they provide appropriate support to prospective students, students in New Zealand, and their partner education providers.

Education agencies who continue to be highly engaged in the New Zealand education proposition remain critical to the recovery of the international education sector. 

We acknowledge and appreciate the strong interest in education agencies wanting to join the programme. Further announcements will be made in due course. We will continue to engage with education agencies via ENZ's AgentLab platform.

Please direct any questions to or subscribe to E-News for updates about the ENZRA programme.


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