Regional partner support

Over the past financial year (2019/20), ENZ has launched a new approach to growing international education in New Zealand’s regions.

A key aim of ENZ’s work in the regions has been to work towards a sustainable model, where regional international education development is driven at a regional level. ENZ’s support will increasingly be put towards high-impact projects.

To encourage both regional international education growth and retention, ENZ has concentrated on two main projects.

Both of these initiatives deliver on the goals of the New Zealand International Education Strategy (NZIES) 2018-2030, and leverage opportunities presented by current education and immigration reforms. 

  1. Regional Talent Pathways. The attraction, development and retention of international talent to fill regional skills shortages and future skills needs.
  2. Secondary to Tertiary Pathways. One goal of the NZIES is to increase the rate of international high school students transitioning to New Zealand's tertiary sector for higher education.

The opportunity for regional growth under the Reform of Vocational Education

The Government is focussing on improving the alignment of existing immigration and education systems by encouraging stakeholders to work together to deliver better labour market outcomes.

As part of this, the Government has launched initiatives like the regional employment hubs (under Regional Talent Pathways) and regionalised skills shortage lists.

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