Regional partnership programme

Education New Zealand’s Regional Partnership Programme works collaboratively with local and regional governments, economic development agencies, and education provider clusters or organisations to grow, support and advocate for international education in New Zealand’s metro and regional centres – known collectively as ‘regions’.

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What is the Regional Partnership Programme?

Active partnerships, funding support, facilitation, advice, support and collaboration between New Zealand’s regional international education stakeholders and Education New Zealand.

Why the Regional Partnership Programme Matters

To enable sustainable international education growth across all of New Zealand, for the benefit of our regional economies, communities and education providers.

Why we’re focusing on the Regions

Because more international students and influencers should know about New Zealand’s distinctive regional education destinations. And, regions want to support the attraction of international students to their region, and help ensure they have great experiences, can pathway between sectors and if possible, on to skilled employment. So, it makes sense to collaborate for effective, sustainable national growth.

Here for support, advice and connections

The Regional Partnership Programme enhances, supports and helps to fund regional international education strategies. So, more of the world’s students (and their influencers) can know about the opportunities to learn, live and work, across all of New Zealand.

How it works

Education New Zealand’s Regional Partnership Programme works collaboratively with New Zealand’s local and regional governments, economic development agencies, and education provider clusters to help profile and support regional international education strategies.

How it starts

A regional grouping of international education stakeholders, including cross-sectoral education providers, education businesses, local and regional governments and their economic development agencies and other parties committed to promoting international education as a tool of economic growth, with social and cultural benefits, get together and form a strategy to help them grow the value and opportunities from international education in their region.

Every region has its own story, strategic objectives and stakeholders committed to international education change and development. You can read more about regional education groups here.

Regional growth offers real and new benefits for education providers, and regional economies, communities and students.


Distinctive destinations

New Zealand’s regions are distinctive study and international education destinations. Each has a unique story and value proposition – here’s an overview of each region’s unique identity and assets.

Map 3

Leveraging distinctive destination messages and themes is important to each education provider’s main communication and marketing messages. 

Students like to know where they could be studying and what, activities, lifestyle, costs and other opportunities are available.

Be sure to explore the Regional New Zealand pages on the webiste to see the unique features and selling points of each region.

Location really matters. Here’s proof.


Working with the regions

The Regional Partnership Programme works with 14 regions, to accelerate growth and support New Zealand’s regional education destination and stories.

What’s involved?

  • Strategy development
  • Leadership
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Identity + Destination 
  • Differentiation 
  • Collaboration
  • Co-investment

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Or, contact one of your local regional representatives.

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