Our role

Our role

ENZ is New Zealand’s government agency for building international education.

It works to increase awareness of New Zealand as a study destination and to support education providers and businesses to take their services and products to the world.

What we do

ENZ works with New Zealand’s diverse education industry, organisations and companies.

The industry works across six sectors of the New Zealand education system:


  • leads the future thinking of New Zealand’s international education industry, and drives forward future activities for growth of the industry
  • facilitates education industry capability so providers can effectively recruit and support international students
  • assists the education industry to identify new opportunities for growth
  • leverages the offshore promotional activities of other NZ Inc agencies - such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Immigration New Zealand, Tourism New Zealand and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise - to raise the profile of New Zealand education
  • works closely with other New Zealand agencies to create an environment in which international education can grow and international students can flourish
  • provides information to prospective international students and their families about living and studying in New Zealand
  • works with other agencies and the education industry to ensure international students continue to receive a high quality experience while living and studying in New Zealand
  • spreads the word about the social, cultural and economic benefits of international education within New Zealand.

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