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What is a MaiENZ account?

A MaiENZ account is a new way to access ENZ's digital services. Your free MaiENZ account gives you access practical, personalised tools and services to build your organisation’s capabilities.


Every lab had a separate account


Single Sign on! Efficiently switch between your favourite ENZ labs

New Users

Simply register here and you'll be given free access to ENZ digital services, based on your organisation and role.

Existing lab users

You will be guided to seamlessly migrate your account(s) when you next sign in. You'll then be able to seamlessly switch between different services, or, if you prefer, continue using just one service.


Find the answers to all your questions about MaiENZ here.

MaiENZ is a portal developed by ENZ to give our industry partners easy, centralised access to our tools and services. MaiENZ has a single sign-on, so one account gives you access to multiple tools.

All active accounts were automatically migrated to MaiENZ on 28th September 2020. You should have received an email with a link to finish setting up your new MaiENZ account. If you didn’t receive an email, go to the register page to create your new MaiENZ account. 

All our ENZ sites will continue to have their own teams to help people with lab-specific issues, so contact the site you’re having a problem with.

Contact us if you have any issues with your MaiENZ account or profile.

If your colleague would like to register for MaiENZ, they can visit the MaiENZ portal and register by clicking here.