International Education Strategy 2022 – 2030

The New Zealand International Education Strategy 2022-2030 was launched on 16 August 2022, during the New Zealand International Education Conference, NZIEC KI TUA. 

The strategy seeks to develop a more high-value, resilient and innovative education sector for both international and domestic students. 

Its launch followed a period of consultation with the industry, and reflects a refocusing of the previous strategy to take into account the disruption caused by Covid-19 and the steps required to assist the sector to rebuild.  

The strategy has three overarching goals: 

  • Delivering an excellent education and student experience 
  • Ensuring international education is resilient and sustainable 
  • Developing global citizens. 

Some key aspects of the refreshed strategy include: 

  • Immigration New Zealand to share up to date information on visa processing times, and on what good applications look like. This is so providers can give more accurate information to students. 
  • Agencies to monitor the impacts of the Immigration Rebalance policy changes on student visas. 
  • A monitoring framework to understand the onshore and offshore offerings that will build a high-value and diversified future for international education.
  • A commitment from the Ministry of Education to understand what it means to honour Te Tiriti in the provision of international education opportunities for domestic students.
  • Clarification that the Government does not expect smaller providers to diversify to the same extent as larger ones, or into areas outside their core purpose.
  • Education New Zealand undertaking a stocktake of current international student services and supports to identify any gaps that can be filled.

The full International Education Strategy 2022 - 2030 can be found here.

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