22 May 2019 at 9:00 am

Major engagement for ENZ’s latest marketing campaign

Just four weeks in, ENZ’s New Futures Need New Paths campaign has attracted more than 21 million engagements and 38.9 million viewers, spreading the message of how a New Zealand education prepares students for the future of work.

Future Skills campaign photo Soheil2
One of the student heroes of the campaign, Soheil Mohseni (second from right) is an Iranian student at Victoria University of Wellington.

ENZ’s first marketing campaign for 2019, New Futures Need New Paths, is focussed on expanding prospective international students’ understanding of New Zealand education and sharpening New Zealand’s brand position.

Because of this, the campaign has been designed to focus on engaging with target audiences, says Patrick Holden, ENZ’s Digital Media Project Manager.

“Already, we’ve had more than 21 million engagements with our digital paid media. This has come from 38.9 million viewers who have seen ENZ’s paid advertisements through a number of ad placements.

“We have seen an increased overall engagement rate of 12.60% compared to 8.43% for the previous Future Proof campaign, which is a great improvement! This is because we have tweaked the style and type of campaign content to that which best engages our student audience, including using new ad placements which uses custom-fit content tailored to different channels.”

The highest engagement has come from Korea, Germany and Japan. In an online website poll, more than 85% of users say they are ‘very likely’ or ‘somewhat likely’ to consider New Zealand as a study destination.

“While engagement is the campaign’s primary objective, we’re also achieving secondary objectives such as attracting new database leads, as a high volume of our audience are also engaging with our campaign landing page to find out more about studying in New Zealand,” said Patrick.

The campaign has been integrated with ENZ’s social audiences too. So far, the engagement has been positive.

 Future Skills SiNZ facbook post

 A screenshot from the Study in New Zealand Facebook page.


Thank you to all our industry partners for collaborating with us on this campaign, in particular by sourcing talent.

The campaign will run until the end of May.

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