10 April 2019 at 9:00 am

New Futures Need New Paths

Education New Zealand has launched its latest global digital campaign, New Futures Need New Paths, highlighting how a New Zealand education provides students with the skills required to excel in their future.

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German student Alexandra Lischka is studying at AUT , doing a PhD assessing heavy metals in New Zealand pelagic squids and pilot whales.

New Futures Need New Paths launches on 15 April and runs for eight weeks.

This campaign builds on the messaging introduced in the 2018 Future Proof campaigns while moving towards the updated positioning of ENZ’s Think New brand, which is to be launched later this year. 

We encourage New Zealand education providers and ENZ Recognised Agencies to leverage ENZ’s digital activity by utilising the campaign assets and key campaign messages/themes in your marketing activity. Campaign assets will be made available to download on The Brand Lab.

Campaign strategy

The overarching campaign message of New Futures Need New Paths is that a New Zealand education provides students with the skills required to excel in their future careers and create a positive impact in their world.  

New Zealand attracts students who think differently, and we expect that this campaign story will resonate with these free-thinkers. Our teaching style and learning environment, alongside our unique cultural values, make us the perfect destination for students who wish to forge their own paths.

The campaign will go beyond an introduction to New Zealand as an education destination and will focus on telling a richer, more emotionally engaging story.

The campaign will focus on three strategic objectives:

  1. Target new audiences with the Think New brand messaging through the campaign story, to raise brand awareness globally.

  2. Engage with 'high intent' audiences who are already actively seeking out information about studying in New Zealand.

  3. Engage with ENZ’s existing prospective student audiences in our social media and database channels, inspiring them to take action and choose New Zealand.

Campaign messaging

The three key messages underpinning the campaign story and campaign content are:

  • New Zealand excels at teaching skills required for the future: Skills such as creative thinking, problem-solving and collaboration have been identified as key to future success.  

  • New Zealand provides hands-on learning in an unlimited learning environment: Our teaching style is self-directed, interactive and connected both in and out of the classroom.  

  • New Zealand welcomes students who think differently: Our teaching style and learning environment, alongside our unique cultural values, make us the perfect destination for students who wish to forge their own, better paths.  

Campaign content

ENZ is creating compelling content pieces that speak to the campaign theme and showcase New Zealand’s education strengths in helping students forge their own paths and prepare for the future.

Our three “hero” campaign videos feature international students all working towards their vision of a better future:

  • Alexandra Lischka | Germany | AUT

    Alexandra chose New Zealand because of the opportunities to work with internationally respected scientists in her field. Her research in marine biology will help us better understand connections between the marine food chain and human health.

  • Enzo Rodriguez-Reyes | Ecuador | Massey University

    Enzo worked on the Galapagos Islands for four years and witnessed first-hand what was happening as a result of climate change. That’s what brought him to New Zealand. He sees the country as one of the world leaders in conservation, and a place where he can follow his dream to save a dying species.

  • Soheil Mohseni | Iran | Victoria University of Wellington

    Soheil feels lucky to have access to all the top expertise and cutting-edge technology to carry out his research in renewable energy. He says he is helping shape a new path for humanity...one he hopes will transition us to a resilient, low-carbon economy, and a healthier planet.

How can New Futures Need New Skills help you?

The above stories as well as additional content assets will be available for education providers and ENZ Recognised Agencies to use in your own marketing.

A variety of content will be available to appeal across sectors and will come in a range of formats including videos, images, infographics and web banners.

These assets, alongside tips on how to leverage this campaign, will shortly be available on The Brand Lab for download. 

As the campaign progresses, we will provide more information and updates via enz.govt.nz and E-News.

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