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    You can register on the NZIEC website. 

    Registration is free, sign up now and tell a colleague to register too! 

    A new format  

    We’re delivering NZIEC 2022 in a virtual format so we can reach as many international education practitioners as possible during this critical time for the industry’s rebuild. The virtual format means we have eliminated participation costs and the prospect of Covid blues for all. Join from the comfort of your favourite workstation! And while it means we won’t be able to connect in-person, we are offering a range of new ways to network and connect during conference – stay tuned for further information following registration!  

    The virtual format means we can offer a wider range of keynote speakers than in our usual two-day in-person format. We hope you’ll enjoy insights from our bumper line-up of ten keynote speakers from a range of industries and perspectives. That’s right, ten!  

    We’re also able to offer content in a more flexible manner. We’ll be delivering content in bite-sized chunks each morning and afternoon during the week (except for Friday afternoon). Don’t worry if you can’t attend a session – all sessions will be recorded and available to view later if you have registered.  

    A varied programme  

    NZIEC 2022’s theme is Towards Recovery: Reflect, Reconnect and Renew. We will be exploring this theme across the conference week; we’ll start by Reflecting on the shared experience we’ve had these past two years, before we focus on Reconnecting New Zealand and then turn to Renewal of our industry for the future.  

    The full programme will launch shortly, but here’s a taste of what we have in store:  

    • On Monday morning, join international students and practitioners as we Reflect on our collective experiences over the past two years. Hear from 2021 New Zealander of the Year, Dr Siouxsie Wiles, about her experiences through the pandemic and her advice for the future. Gain insights from our first-ever international student-led panel as they discuss their experiences during the pandemic – and their hopes and expectations for the future. And join our Board Chair, Steve Maharey, as he provides an update on ENZ’s vision and direction.  


    • On Monday afternoon, learn how providers across Aotearoa worked through the pandemic to enhance international student wellbeing – and what lessons this experience provides for our current offering. Pick and choose from a cornucopia of sessions that explore New Zealand’s commitment to manaakitanga, including advice from the New Zealand International Students’ Association.  


    • Tuesday sees us shift focus to Reconnect. Join us in the morning for an address from the Minister of Education, Hon Chris Hipkins, when he’ll provide an update on the Government’s strategy for international education. You will have an opportunity to ask questions. After the Minister’s address, get up to speed with updates from a range of New Zealand government agencies.  


    • On Tuesday afternoon, we continue our Reconnect focus with a keynote address from New Zealand’s leading trade negotiator, Vangelis Vitalis. He’ll speak about New Zealand’s Trade Recovery Strategy and the role of international education within that. Then take a trip ‘Around the World’ with international market insights from ENZ’s global network and sessions led by industry representatives.  


    • On Wednesday morning, the centrepiece of our conference week, we explore how international education relates to Te Ao Māori. Gain perspectives on traditional Māori knowledge and wisdom from our keynote speaker, Sharlene Maoate-Davis, as she explores Te Māramatanga o te Maramataka – or renewed Rongoā perspectives from traditional Māori knowledge and wisdom. Then learn how Te Tiriti is being implemented in practice across the international education sector.  


    • On Wednesday afternoon, we turn our attention to global citizenship. A range of industry-led sessions examine the concept and its application. Then be inspired by the journey of Abbas Nazari, who fled Afghanistan as a refugee and found himself aboard the Tampa, before gaining a new home in Aotearoa and eventually travelling to the United States on a Fulbright scholarship. Abbas’ story is a powerful tale of the importance of education – and humanity.  


    • And as we aim to shrug off mid-week blues, don’t miss the opportunity to find your Inner Superhero! Tapahia Heke and Pita Mei are a Superhero Dream Team who will amaze with their abilities to read – and draw – the Inner Superhero in any of us. Tune into this session if you want your superhero abilities unleashed.  


    • Thursday sees us in search of Renewal with the morning devoted to exploring innovation and diversification in international education. Join us in the morning as we explore the do’s and don’ts of innovation within the international education sector. Melissa Clark-Reynolds, our Renew Keynote speaker will talk about the innovation game and how to beat your organisation’s immune system.  


    • On Thursday afternoon, we’ll discuss the challenges and opportunities regarding sustainability and international education. Several industry practitioners will outline the approaches they have embraced to address the sustainability imperative. And René de Monchy will provide insights from the tourism industry that speaks to the challenge of rebuilding while keeping sustainability concerns front of mind.  
    • Finally, we ease into Friday morning with a late start and an early finish to wrap up our conference week. Grab a cuppa to join a Kōrero Kawhe with some inspiring New Zealand alumni and hear how they are making their way in the world and improving the lives of their communities. Then join clinical psychologist Nigel Latta as he shares the bare essentials for the rebuild job ahead. Finally, don’t miss our conference wrap, including an announcement as to how we’ll be celebrating 30 years of NZIEC in 2023! 


    Register now 

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  • Farm Cove Intermediate and Luoyang International School: Sister Schools

    International education a priority

    At Farm Cove Intermediate (FCI) international education goals are included in our strategic documentation, as this is an area of high priority.  We recognise the importance of our FCI community becoming Asia-equipped with our Asian neighbours now such a significant part of our lives. However, our FCI links with Asia go far beyond obligation and responsibility as we get so much enjoyment from sharing with both students and teachers from other cultures.  Since our first group arrived from Japan 27 years ago, we have experienced the enormous value of celebrating cultural diversity through our hosting of international students from Asia.

    Sister School relationship established

    We’ve particularly enjoyed hosting students and teachers from our sister school, Luoyang International School (LYIS), which is in Luoyang City, Henan Province, China.  Our relationship with LYIS began with a surprise email from their Principal, Jason Tsai, in 2012.  He had visited our school when he was working in Auckland several years ago.  His aim was to connect with an Auckland school and he believed that we would be a good fit to host a group of his students for short visit. We learnt that LYIS was four schools in one, from pre-school to college, and that students boarded five nights a week.  This modern school of 2500 students was built only four years ago and has a focus on English language learning and using a variety of teaching methodologies.  Our planning all came together and, in less than a year, 15 students arrived for a four week stay, accompanied by the principal and a teacher.  The teacher spent her time working alongside our teachers, while the students mixed freely with their classmates and quickly became part of our school.  The visit went so well that they visited us again in 2014, when we signed a sister school agreement to further promote teacher and student exchange and broaden our educational horizons by adding a global perspective. We agreed to join hands as sister schools and seek opportunities for purposeful, genuine and authentic communication.



    Collaborative Poetry- a challenge but fun. Students were given Chinese names by the students.

    Sister school visit enabled

    After an initial scoping visit by four FCI teachers to LYIS, and with the blessing from our Board of Trustees we decided to take a group from FCI to China. Support from ENZ’s New Zealand China Sister Schools Fund enabled us to take two teachers on the visit.

    The trip far exceeded our expectations.  It provided amazing opportunities, was so much fun and changed us all.  There were many high fives, welcome to China hugs, hand-made gifts and songs sung as we mixed with the LYIS students.  They had spent months preparing for us.  We enjoyed lessons in practical science, calligraphy, Chinese music, English, Mandarin and physical education.  A night in homestays allowed our students to get a glimpse into Chinese life; the food was really yummy and the excursions to local points of interest were truly memorable.

    Our trip to LYIS really advanced our sister school relationship.  We have developed life-long friends and deepened our understanding of Chinese culture and the Mandarin language.  Our learning flowed out across our school and the wider community, as we shared our daily experiences through social media while we were on the road, and presented to our whole school on our return.  

    Relationship set to grow

    Planning is underway for a group from LYIS to visit us, and for a larger group from FCI to return to Luoyang in 2017. Short-term teacher exchanges are also being discussed.


    Students greatly enjoyed learning the art of calligraphy.

    Tips and insights

    If you’re thinking of establishing a sister school relationship in China, here are some things to consider.

    • Do you have the support of your school community for such a venture – including your Boards of Trustees, teachers, parents and the students?  You will need all of these stakeholders to support a successful relationship.

    • Are there good lines of communication between the school in China, or their agent, and your school?  This is essential, so that clear understandings and expectations are established and the potential for any misunderstandings minimised. 

    • How easy is it to travel to the Chinese school from New Zealand and for them to travel to you, and how long will it take to complete the journey? China is vast, and it can take three or more flights plus a lengthy train or coach trip to get to some districts. 

    • How much will it cost each participant?  The cost for families to send their child on the trip, plus the cost of sending the teachers, needs to be calculated. It is important that the group has a clear understanding of what is and is not covered by the trip budget.

    • What sort of preparation is required by students, teachers and parents? Good preparation – especially on the part of the students – is a critical factor as it underpins the success of the trip.  You can support the preparation for Chinese students to come to you by sharing facts, photos, videos and links through social media.  At FCI we put a lot of emphasis on teaching our students to be excellent hosts.  In our experience, students travelling to Chinese schools take about ten weeks of lessons and three family meetings to gain the knowledge and skills that will enable them to have a positive experience.

    • Will your students feel comfortable in the Chinese school environment and vice versa?  China is a very different culture, even more so as you get away from the big cities. Similarly, life in your community is likely to be a totally new experience for the Chinese student.  It is our view that children need to experience cultural differences, but not be challenged to the point where they are overwhelmed. 

    • What does the district around your school and their school offer which would be of interest for the students?  Visiting special points of interest in the local district adds significantly to the experience for the students.

    We really value our sister school relationship with LYIS in China.  By hosting them twice and visiting with both a staff group and later with a student group, we are recognising more and more similarities between our cultures, and learning to appreciate the differences.  Future exchanges will allow us to have more fun, too, as we develop an even greater understanding of one another.

    We are very much looking forward to FCI LYIS China Trip 2017.

    Linda Harvie, Principal - Farm Cove Intermediate School

  • Ask New Anything

    Campaign page:

    nagisa japan school 5

    NZ’s second big global digital campaign of 2019 launched on 7 October with our students at the heart of it.

    The campaign will be promoted digitally in our key markets for 8 weeks. Campaign-related content and messaging will remain relevant and live on our channels for the foreseeable future.

    The campaign will be the first time the refreshed Think New brand has been widely used in digital channels.


    Campaign Strategy

    The main objective of the campaign is to challenge perceptions of New Zealand by increasing awareness of the country as a high-quality study destination. The campaign aims to achieve this by inviting our target audiences in 14 international markets to question what they know about New Zealand.

    Key markets that will be reached by the campaign are:

    • Brazil
    • Colombia
    • France
    • Germany
    • India
    • Italy
    • Japan
    • Korea
    • Philippines
    • Thailand
    • UK
    • USA
    • Vietnam
    • Indonesia

    The campaign aims to increase New Zealand’s standing as the preferred study destination amongst our target audiences in these key markets.

    For more information about ENZ’s target markets and the general digital campaign strategy, New Zealand education providers and ENZ Recognised Agencies can access the 2019 ENZ Digital Marketing Calendar on IntelliLab

    The creative concept and technical execution of this campaign will push ENZ into new territory for its marketing campaigns and award-winning digital strategy. 

    Utilising 100 short videos, a variety of digital media placements, Tohu the chatbot, a range of social media channels including a peer-to-peer Facebook group and Instagram Live sessions hosted by our Kiwi Ambassadors, the campaign embodies the authenticity and bold NEW thinking of the Think New brand. 

    A bespoke campaign strategy has been developed for China, making use of the same campaign creative concept and content, but delivered through the channels we know our audiences in China use and interact with the most. 

    ENZ invites and encourages our New Zealand education sector partners and ENZ Recognised Agencies to participate in the campaign by sharing content and aligning your own messaging with those of the campaign and the Think New brand. 

    The campaign tool kit below provides more information around how your organisation can leverage the campaign. 

    Creative concept

    Brand research tells us there is generally low awareness of New Zealand internationally, and where there is awareness it’s often based on incorrect perceptions of quality.

    The creative concept of the Ask New Anything campaign seeks to address this by answering prospective students’ burning questions authentically and honestly, using unscripted video responses from current international students.

    We started by researching the most used Google search terms relevant to studying in New Zealand, as well as the most asked questions on our Study in New Zealand chatbot Tohu. We combined this hard data with anecdotal questions from prospective and current students around what they want to know/what they wish they had known, and key brand messages we hoped to get across to our audiences.

    From this we narrowed down to a list of 100 questions and filmed videos with international and New Zealand students, alumni, a teacher, a parent, and a New Zealand employer providing the answers. These videos form the basis of the campaign.

    We also know that word of mouth is a key influence on student decision making. The Ask New Anything campaign not only offers pre-recorded Q&As with current students, but also gives prospective students the opportunity to talk directly to current students through a new Facebook group and scheduled Instagram Live events.

    All of this results in a much more interactive campaign than anything ENZ has previously done. We’re not broadcasting a message to students; we’re asking them to start a conversation, putting prospective students themselves at the centre of the campaign.

    Technical execution

     A typical digital media campaign uses creative digital ad placements on social media, relevant websites and search engines to drive traffic through to a campaign landing page on a website.

    Ask New Anything goes well beyond this, using new technology and a broad range of social media tools to be a true omni-channel campaign. The resulting immersive and pleasantly unexpected experience will help the Think New brand stand out.

    The marketing activity and technology being used in this campaign includes:

    • Tohu the chatbot – Tohu was launched on the Study in New Zealand website in 2018, on Facebook Messenger in early 2019, and on the NauMai NZ website in July 2019. Tohu is the centrepiece of the Ask New Anything campaign as it represents the technology through which prospective students can really ask any question they want. From the launch of the Ask New Anything campaign, Tohu will be able to respond to 100 of the most frequently asked questions with one of the short videos created for the campaign
    • Facebook group - Should a question be asked that Tohu cannot answer, prospective students will be invited to join a Facebook group where they can ask real students their questions in real time. The Facebook group will be managed and moderated by our Kiwi Ambassadors.
    • Instagram Live – Throughout the campaign, a select group of Kiwi Ambassadors will host a series of Instagram Live events. These events will be designed and scheduled to suit the key international regions we are targeting in the campaign.
    • Campaign landing page – There will be a campaign landing page on the Study in New Zealand website. Tohu the chatbot will be the main focus of this page.
    • Social media – Beyond the Facebook group, Instagram Live sessions and use of Tohu on Facebook Messenger, all of ENZ’s student-facing social media channels will be driving the campaign messages. Campaign content will be shared on Facebook, and YouTube and Instagram will feature strongly for both organic and paid media content.
    • Database marketing – The database marketing strategy for the campaign ensures we are reaching all our currently engaged audiences, and nurturing new leads throughout their decision-making journey. Personalised email campaigns will be sent to members of the Study in New Zealand, My StudyNZ and NauMai NZ communities, and to anyone who signs up throughout the campaign period.

    The campaign in China

    Because our audiences in China use different digital platforms to our other markets, the Ask New Anything campaign will follow a different strategy in China. 

    Separate research has been undertaken to identify the most-asked questions for prospective international students in China. Based on this, the most relevant videos will be translated into Chinese and integrated into a campaign rollout on our China platforms:

    Paid media:

    • WeChat
    • Zhihu (Zhihu is China’s version of Quora. In classical Chinese, "Zhīhū" means "Know?". Chinese-language internet users nowadays increasingly resort to Zhihu for expert knowledge and insights into various topics.

    Owned media:

    Tohu the chatbot does not exist on our Chinese platforms, so the China Ask New Anything campaign makes use of the question/answer format in a different way, posing questions to our audience and then supplying key information based on their response.

    On the Zhihu platform we will post questions for both Kiwi Ambassadors and users to answer. Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) will also be recruited to support the campaign and both ask and answer questions about studying in New Zealand.

    Messaging and Brand

    The campaign concept and the technical execution of the campaign both contribute to the overall brand message of ‘I am New’. It showcases our innovative new thinking and captures New Zealand’s values of societal openness, transparency and manaakitanga.

    Through this campaign, we want to show that New Zealand is an inclusive, collaborative and progressive environment where students are challenged and supported to reach their full potential.

    Our new Think New brand strategy and creative approach position our international education brand for success and redefine what a quality education looks like and means.

    Sector representation and localisation

    The 100 question and answer videos have been carefully planned to ensure a good global representation of our markets. Care has been taken to match the talent to questions based region. So where a question is most important to a certain region, the talent has been matched to that region to ensure the most relevant response.

    The videos feature 18 different individuals representing a spread of sectors and markets. We have included students from all the key markets we are targeting in the campaign. A teacher, employer, Kiwi student and parent are also included.

    In the Facebook group and Instagram Live sessions, prospective students will be able to converse with Kiwi Ambassadors in local language – either directly or with the help of Facebook’s automatic translation technology.


    Throughout the campaign duration New Zealand education will have an increased digital presence in the 13 target markets listed above.

    New Zealand education providers and ENZ Recognised Agencies are encouraged to leverage this campaign activity for your own marketing strategies.

    Here is a toolkit of resources and suggested actions to help you get started:

    • Ensure your institution profile on the Study in New Zealand website is up to date. Follow these step-by-step instructions to find out how. Please note you will be required a login to access this link.
    • Register for the ENZ Brand Lab. There are over 1,000 images, videos and more available on the Brand Lab for you to download and use in your marketing.
    • Read this article about how to leverage ENZ digital campaigns. You will need to be registered and signed in to the Brand Lab to access it. 
    • Share the Q&A videos from the campaign on your social media channels. ENZ will be creating a spreadsheet with all the YouTube links to make this easy for you navigate and choose the most relevant videos for your audiences. Watch this space or sign up to the Brand Lab to get a notification when this becomes available.
    • Download ENZ’s 2019 Digital Marketing Calendar from IntelliLab. The calendar explains our key dates and strategies for each of our target markets. You will need to be registered and signed in to IntelliLab to access this.
    • If you are an education agent, join ENZ’s AgentLab. This new platform was launched this year. Gain access to online training courses, news, webinars and ENZ updates.


  • NZ-China education relationship strengthened

    Chief Executive Grant McPherson says the Joint Working Group is a valuable mechanism for maintaining the long-standing education relationship between the countries, which dates back nearly 20 years.

    “Joint initiatives including the innovative Tripartite Partnership, bring together our governments, as well as our researchers, educators and students and leverages New Zealand’s research strengths.”

    The Secretary for Education, Iona Holsted, co-chaired the Joint Working Group meeting and led the New Zealand Delegation, with ENZ Chief Executive Grant McPherson and NZQA Chief Executive Dr Grant Klinkum. The Chinese delegation was led by the Vice-Minister of Education, Tian Xuejun.

    A key outcome of the meeting was the signing of a Strategic Cooperation Arrangement by the New Zealand Qualification Authority’s (NZQA) Chief Executive, Dr Grant Klinkum, and Director General of the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE), Mr Jiacai Cheng.

    Dr Klinkum commented that: “This refreshed agreement reflects the value both organisations place on mutual cooperation regarding the exchange of information and qualification recognition arrangements.”

    “As part of our future work together, the two agencies have agreed to establish a working group to better understand the opportunities and challenges related to recognising online qualifications.”

    Universities New Zealand representative Rebecca Needham said the Joint Working Group meeting was a timely reminder of the breadth of initiatives that continue to strengthen New Zealand's education links with China during a time of limited international mobility.

    “The meeting was a valuable opportunity to undertake some deeper thinking about areas of longer-term cooperation, while continuing to celebrate the Chinese Scholarship Council students who are able to continue their study in New Zealand following the recent PhD border exceptions,” Needham said.

    Chair of the International Working Group for Te Pūkenga, Tony Gray, said he was pleased to see the “genuine enthusiasm” at the Joint Working Group meeting to further develop tertiary education partnerships.

    “There are many potential opportunities to collaborate with China as it implements its 2019 National Implementation Plan for Vocational Education Reform. There is real interest [from China] in understanding New Zealand's key vocational education and applied higher education practices and pedagogy,” Gray said.

    “The Joint Working Group between China and New Zealand highlights the strength of our strategic education partnership and provides further impetus for key projects that are mutually beneficial,” ENZ Director – Greater China, Miranda Herbert, says. “It is pleasing to see that we’re both heading in the same direction with our internationalisation goals.”

  • Tokyo education fair showcases Māori culture

    This was the fourth annual ENZ fair in Japan and included representatives from 40 New Zealand institutions as well as SIEBA representatives.

    Misa Kitaoka, ENZ’s Senior Market Development Manager – Japan, said this year she wanted to make the fair special by incorporating an element that was uniquely New Zealand, but that also resonated with the Japanese attendees.

    “Being part of Te Rautaki Māori, ENZ’s Māori Steering Committee, I have had the opportunity to learn some te reo and Māori cultural practices, which I realised has many commonalities with those of the Japanese,” said Misa.

    The fair began with a mihi to welcome a group of junior high school students and teachers from Tokyo Seitoku University Junior and Senior High School, a private secondary school that sends all 150 of its year 3 junior high school students to New Zealand schools for one term every year.

    Following the mihi, a group of over 30 students from Hamilton Boys’ and Girls’ High School performed a haka and waiata which brought tears to the eyes of many students and parents.

    “The kapa haka performance increased visitor numbers for sure – it was such a moving performance. A student from Hamilton Boys’ who’s half Maori, half Japanese translated the meaning of each performance to attendees in Japanese, so impressive!

    This year’s fair also saw an increasing number of mothers interested in taking their young children to New Zealand.

    “With the Japanese government’s focus on improving the nation’s English language capability in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the average age of English learners in Japan is getting younger,” Misa said.

    To address this demand, ENZ is working closely with SIEBA to promote its PSP programme, representing more than 40 primary schools available to receive international students over five years of age. 

    The ENZ Japan fair in 2019 will be held during the Rugby World Cup on 22 September 2019 followed by an agents/educators’ seminar and networking event in Tokyo on 24 September 2019.

    For those interested in attending the fair, pre-registration is now open at ENZ Events page here.

    Any New Zealand secondary school or tertiary institution bringing their kapa haka group on a tour to Japan next year and wish to perform at our fair, please email

    tokyo 2

  • EdTech connections good for business

    This was the view from Education New Zealand hosted networking events for over 40 representatives from the edtech sector in Wellington, Auckland and Dunedin last month. 

    It was a great opportunity to share development and export experiences and meet like-minded business contacts. As well as making new business connections, attendees were interested in ways to create more opportunities to learn and collaborate. 

    Bennett Medary, Chairman of the NZ Technology Industry Association, spoke to the meetings about creating a group of edtech members under the NZTech umbrella. Edtech investor, Dr Sue Watson, Chief Executive of Summit Education Asia Pacific, facilitated the discussion.

    Views were varied but overall attendees were positive about the formation of an edtech sector group, particularly as part of a well-established industry association. There was interest in a group that connected widely across sectors including with educators, other tech companies and investors. 

    Chris Bulman of Bud-e-Digital said: “Getting together is important so you can learn from what others are doing and joining with NZTech would mean that edtech companies are hooked into the wider tech sector.“

    Other priorities expressed for the group included coordination and monitoring of international research and trends, support to take New Zealand companies to market, and established opportunities for networking and real collaboration.

    “Working together means the sector can have more resources to build the reputation of New Zealand edtech which is good for us all,” said Joanne Ho of Kiwa Digital.

    NZTech and ENZ are working on the formation of an edtech group and will be contacting people who offered support at the meetings to help develop a programme for the group to grow the value of the edtech sector.

    To learn more about global edtech opportunities and New Zealand’s special advantages – a high quality education system and an innovative, problem solving culture - watch this video from the EdTech for Export conference held in late June this year.

  • Help us thank New Zealand’s education partners in Japan

    As part of a programme to explore greater opportunities for the New Zealand education industry in Japan.

    The alumni networking function will acknowledge and show our appreciation for the informal “ambassadorial” role alumni undertake on behalf of New Zealand education. We will also be encouraging alumni to join the recently launched New Zealand Educated Alumni LinkedIn group where they will be able to network with fellow alumni and keep in touch with events and activities of interest.

    The agent seminars will recognise the work agents do on behalf of New Zealand education and show the agents our appreciation. The seminars will also inform agents of any immigration updates and changes (there will be someone from Immigration New Zealand in attendance) and let them know about the agent e-learning that will be launched in the next few months. A preview of this will be available at the event. 

    It is hoped that these activities will  further nignite agents’ interest in, and enthusiasm for, promoting New Zealand as an education destination.

    To ensure we reach the greatest number of agents and alumni, we would like your suggestions for who you would like us to invite.

    For the dates for each event, and a form where you can enter the names and contact information of those you’d like to be sent an invitation, click here.

    In completing this form, you will be assured of early notification of when registration opens for these events.

    As well agents and alumni, we know that many New Zealand education institutions have active and fruitful partnerships with fellow institutions in Japan. We are hoping to host such people at a ‘thank you’ lunch where we can show our gratitude for the very important role they play in fostering a lively education exchange between our two countries. Details about the lunch will be provided at a later date.

    These events are a great opportunity for you to show how much you value your education partners and advocates in Japan.

    Thank you in advance for help make these events the best they can be.

  • Register for the China Mayoral Forum education session

    The forum theme is sustainable economies, and is an opportunity to strengthen relationships with regions of both countries. Fifteen mayors and vice-mayors from across China will attend alongside 33 mayors from across New Zealand, including smaller regional centres.

    Following introductory presentations by Sir Richard Taylor (WETA Group) and Maggie Zhou (Alibaba), the forum will discuss opportunities for trade, investment, education and developing mutually beneficial partnerships.

    The forum is being organised by Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) and Wellington City Council, with support from ENZ.

    LGNZ President Dave Cull says the forum is an excellent opportunity to grow relationships with New Zealand’s largest trading partner.

    “There is much to be gained for our communities in developing a greater understanding and appreciation of how China operates,” said Mr Cull.

    “Face-to-face meetings provide the opportunity for the representatives of our cities, districts and regions to engage directly and look for mutually-beneficial economic development opportunities.”

    Sarah Gauthier, ENZ Regional Project Manager, said the education break-out session would be particularly relevant.

    “This will be an engaging panel discussion touching on key ideas and interactions with China on education, followed by a chance to engage with some of the Chinese representatives,” said Sarah.

    “We encourage education institutions, regional education organisations and other service providers to attend.” 

    Registration is free but spaces are limited. To register click here.

    For more information, contact Sarah Gauthier:

  • Executive team

    Grant McPherson | Chief Executive

    Grant is our Chief Executive at Education New Zealand.

    He leads ENZ in taking New Zealand's education experiences to the world for enduring economic, social and cultural benefits for all New Zealand.

    Grant chairs the International Education Chief Executives' Group, established in response to COVID-19. Together with peers from other government agencies with interests in international education, the group helps drive the Government's Recovery Plan for our sector.

    He also lives and breathes international education - he is a former international student himself, his children have international study experience and he has hosted students in Wellington with his family.

    Prior to his role at ENZ, Grant was Deputy Chief Executive and General Manager, Strategy at New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE), following extensive experience as Regional Director, South/South East Asia and Group General Manager, Business Solutions on the NZTE Leadership team.  

    Wendy Kerr l General Manager, Sector Engagement

    Joining us on 3 October 2022 from fintech Valocity where she was Global Chief Operations Officer, Wendy has rich experience in both education and commercial businesses globally.

    Prior to Valocity, she was Director of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Auckland.  She led the team there to transform the Centre and enabled the University to be recognised as Entrepreneurial University of the Year in the Asia-Pacific.

    Wendy is also Board Director for The Icehouse and sits on the Board of Epsom Girls Grammar. Previous roles include General Manager for Pearson PLC London, and Asia-Pacific Marketing Manager for Apple. She has been a TEDx speaker and has published a number one best seller on Amazon - ‘Corporate Crossovers’. Wendy has a Ngāti Mutunga and Moriori heritage and will be based in our Auckland office.

    Sahinde Pala l General Manager, Sector Services

    Sahinde joined ENZ in 2016 after 18 years working for a multinational group of English language schools. With a career dedicated to international education, she brought extensive private sector experience in international marketing, stakeholder engagement and student experience delivery to the organisation.

    Sahinde has held a number of roles at ENZ working with education providers, government stakeholders, regional groups, peak bodies, students’ associations and community groups. She was heavily involved in developing the International Student Wellbeing Strategy.

    With a passion for delivering an excellent customer experience, Sahinde will be leading the newly formed Sector Services team to deliver a suite of products and services that support the sector to rebuild and thrive. This includes student experience, global citizenship, global events, and agent engagement, as well as scholarships to support domestic students to have an international education experience, and international students to study in New Zealand.

    Sahinde is based in our Auckland office and spends her time outside of work standing on the sidelines of sports fields supporting her young boys. 

    Lisa Futschek | General Manager, International

    Lisa joined ENZ in 2013 after an 18-year diplomatic career with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade which included five years as the Deputy Head of Mission at the New Zealand Embassy in Berlin, and three years as First Secretary and Consul at the New Zealand Embassy in Santiago.  

    As General Manager InternationalLisa leads a global team of 30based across 17 locations around the world, focussed on profiling New Zealand as an education partner and ensuring international education contributes to New Zealands international relations goals. 

    Lisa has been instrumental in expanding ENZ’s offshore network in Asia and establishing a permanent presence in North America. She brings a strong internationalisation lens to ENZ’s work, emphasizing the critical role of relationships and partnership for mutual benefit.   

    A graduate of Otago and Auckland universities, Lisa and her husband Regan are based in Wellington. They have two teenagers, a son studying at Otago University and a daughter in Year 12 at high school. 

    Matt Penney l General Manager, Corporate Services

    Matt joined ENZ in 2014. He previously held Financial Controller roles at Bathurst Resources and Contact Energy, and has worked in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Ireland.  Matt is a Chartered Accountant, a member of the NZ Institute of Directors and has a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration from Victoria University of Wellington.

    Matt’s team provides insightful analysis to the sector and ENZ, as well as strategic finance, budgeting and IT services and lead ENZ’s business operations’ planning and performance.

    Di Solomon l General Manager, Government Relations

    Di is a public sector leader with over 15 years’ experience working across a number of central and local government agencies.

    Di leads the Education New Zealand team responsible for governance, accountability and performance, and connecting ENZ to its government agencies partners. Her aim is to ensure New Zealand’s international education sector is resilient, sustainable, globally connected and provides an excellent education experience.

    Formerly an international student, Di holds a Masters in Environmental Policy from Lincoln University.

    Geoff Bilbrough l General Manager, Marketing and Communications

    Geoff is a senior corporate communications and marketing practitioner with a proven record of advising and delivering programmes for clients in the private and public sector.

    His experience includes ten years in Wellington with Sweeney Vesty Limited; ten years in London with an integrated marketing communications agency; six years as the General Manager of the Hong Kong office of FleishmanHillard, a global communications agency; and before joining ENZ, at Acumen in Wellington.

    At Acumen, Geoff advised and led communication programmes for clients including Buddle Findlay, Scouts New Zealand, BCITO, the Motor Trade Association and James Hardie. In Hong Kong, as well as a client load that included Marriott International, Huawei, Emerson Electric, Melco Crown International amongst others he was responsible for the running of FleishmanHillard Hong Kong - a 55-person multicultural, multidisciplinary consultancy.

    Geoff has personal experience of international education through his son who is a previous recipient of a Prime Minister’s Scholarship to Asia, completed an undergraduate exchange to France, and is finishing his PhD with the Humboldt University in Berlin.

    Ed Tuari l Manukura Chief Advisor Māori

    Ed is of Ngāti Porou and Te Whanau-ā-Apanui descent, and joined Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao in 2017. He previously worked in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for 18 years.

    As Manukura, Ed develops and leads the Rautaki Māori (ENZ’s Māori Strategy), provides advice regarding cultural capability, and brings a Māori perspective to policy and project development.

    A former primary school teacher for 10 years, Ed has experience in providing Māori bi-lingual and immersion learning within the New Zealand primary school sector. He also co-wrote and co-presented the first Māori language television programme for preschoolers for mainstream New Zealand television.

    In 2012, Ed was named New Zealander of the Year in the United Arab Emirates by AIG, for his cultural and professional contribution to the New Zealand community in Dubai and throughout the Middle East. Recently Ed was the Kaipupuri-Cultural Advisor of the Aotearoa New Zealand Pavilion, entrusted with Kaitiaki o te mouri for Expo 2020 Dubai.

    A graduate of Auckland University of Technology, Ed holds a degree in Māori Development, Language and Culture and a Diploma in Teaching.

    Ed enjoys engaging in indigenous development initiatives, working towards the preservation and maintenance of tribal culture and heritage, and indigenous networking.

    Fiona Cameron | General Manager, People, Culture and Capability

    Fiona has an extensive mix of private and public Human Resources/Organisation Development experience. She has worked in globally-based organisations and in many of the New Zealand education sector agencies. Fiona has a Diploma in Teaching, an MA (hons) and a Graduate Diploma in Commerce specialising in commercial law. She has studied and taught overseas.

    Fiona’s group focuses on making ENZ a great place to work. This starts from day one, with an induction experience that attracts rave reviews. The team regularly works with ENZ managers to ensure staff are offered a range of development opportunities while they’re here. The team leads work in building a culture at ENZ where being passionate, innovative, knowledgeable and business savvy are highly valued. 






  • Joint initiative supports school group visits

    To make the most of every opportunity to grow international education in schools across the country, Education New Zealand (ENZ) and the Schools International Business Association (SIEBA) have established a ‘clearing house’ for school student group visits.

    There is increasing interest from such groups in visiting New Zealand, particularly from Japan, China, Thailand and Korea. Schools aren’t always able to accommodate these visits however, so ENZ and SIEBA are working together to channel the enquiries through a clearing house that aims to say ‘yes’, as a starting point, to any request. The clearing house then works behind the scenes with its members to identify schools that are keen (and have the capacity) to host, determine appropriate pricing for the visit, and ultimately improve the experience of, and bring efficiencies to, group visits to New Zealand.

    ENZ is promoting the SIEBA clearing house service to its in-market networks, including agents and schools who are considering New Zealand as a destination for school group visits.

    The service is another ‘value add’ by SIEBA and is free to its members. If you are a school (irrespective of whether or not you are a SIEBA member) that receives requests to host a group but is unable to, ENZ asks that you forward the request on to SIEBA. For more information on the clearing house please contact

    In the 17 February issue of E-News, we let you know about the Ministry of Education’s new online form for state and state-integrated schools to make it easier to register visiting groups of international students. Find out more about this here.

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