13 May 2015 at 9:00 am

Accelerate Your Growth at NZIEC

Get ready to Accelerate Your Growth at our annual networking event, the New Zealand International Education Conference (NZIEC) on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 August in Hamilton.

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We’re pleased to outline some highlights of this year’s conference programme prior to registrations opening soon.  

Visit www.nziec.co.nz for more information and to register!

Conference theme

NZIEC 2015 brings together practitioners and leaders from across New Zealand’s fifth largest export industry to explore strategies for growth. The Conference provides an opportunity to discuss, strategise and connect with expert speakers and delegates.

The government’s Leadership Statement for International Education outlines ambitious onshore and offshore goals for the international education industry to achieve by 2025. With less than a decade to go until 2025, NZIEC 2015 focuses on how you can Accelerate Your Growth.

To achieve success as an industry, we need to understand key changes in international markets, pursue innovation, invest in capability and communicate a strong brand. Through a range of presentations, workshops, discussions and case studies, NZIEC 2015 will provide a platform to learn what organisations around the world are doing to execute these strategies, and what we can do to improve ours.  

Pre-conference workshops

Thursday 21 August features pre-conference workshops – for the school sector in the morning and for all sectors in the afternoon.

School sector pre-conference workshop

A pre-conference workshop for the school sector kicks off at 9am on Thursday morning. Connect with school representatives from across the country while learning about market trends, our key competitors and opportunities to collaborate through SIEBA.

All sectors marketing and market intelligence workshops

The afternoon pre-conference workshops are open to all sectors. Thursday afternoon features a marketing workshop on honing your point of difference followed by a choice of market intelligence sessions spanning the world.

In the marketing workshop, gain inspiration from the Icebreaker experience to help you understand how to stand out from the crowd.

Then, choose from nine future-focused market intelligence sessions featuring cherry blossoms, hashtags and samba! Learn about opportunities spanning the globe – from the Americas to Asia to the Middle East and Europe.  

Networking drinks and conference dinner

Join in the celebrations on Thursday evening with networking drinks and conference dinner starting from 6pm.  

Friday highlights

The Conference on Friday kicks off at 8.30am and features keynote addresses that will inspire, challenge and provide insight.

In between our fantastic international keynote speakers, you can choose from 12 breakouts on topics ranging from customers and markets, strategy, marketing, operations and innovation.

Breakouts include several sessions featuring the latest data and intelligence, a panel discussion around offshore delivery, a session seeking your input on the International Education Senior Officials Group work programme, and a Lightning Innovation session featuring six industry innovators.

Stay tuned for more detail, and save the date now!

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