18 May 2020 at 9:00 am

An update from ENZ's Events team

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Many of you are working closely with our international teams on in-market initiatives and programmes of work. The following update refers to the events as listed on the events calendar on our corporate website and does not include additional in-market activity.

If you’ve confirmed to attend any of the upcoming ENZ calendar events for the second half of this year, the team will be in touch as soon as they can to update you on how the event will proceed.

Events framework

We are developing an events framework that will initially support events planned until the end of 2020 and look at alternative ways we can deliver events and fairs in New Zealand and overseas. This framework is in response to the current situation and the need to adjust how we do events over the next 12-18 months.

We are aware delivering events virtually is a high priority, but we also understand that not every event will translate well to virtual delivery, and each market has its own challenges requiring a bespoke approach. The framework will consider each countries’ restrictions. It will also look at the viability of events taking place virtually or whether a hybrid approach could be used and be more effective.

Virtual events platform

To assist us in making the right decisions in event delivery, we are undertaking an initial scoping exercise of digital platforms that facilitates the delivery of events, fairs, and conferences online. 

Our goal is to ensure our education industry has access to ‘best-in-class’ digital events options that align with our student audience needs. In order to align with your recruitment goals we will consult with industry partners to better understand what your requirements are for digital events, and whether an integrated ENZ platform could strengthen our ability to recruit students to New Zealand.

Attendance at virtual fairs

We are all receiving invitations to virtual fairs and we are assessing which events we will attend as it is essential New Zealand remains visible during this period. To help inform these decisions, the events team would welcome information on the events you will be participating in through to the end of 2020. Please email them at events@enz.govt.nz with this information, or if you have any further queries.

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