15 October 2015 at 9:00 am

Competition winners and interns enjoy trip of a lifetime

Back in April, ENZ launched a competition in key South and South East Asia markets inviting students pursuing undergraduate programmes in business, marketing and related disciplines, to submit a 12-month marketing strategy that would promote New Zealand as an education destination in their own country.

Competition winners: Armeet Narang winner of ‘Marketing Strategy’ competition and Somsuvro Chatterjee winner of ‘Fashion for Fleming’ competition with ENZ India Brand Ambassador, Stephen Fleming.​

A separate competition was launched in India called ‘Fashion for Fleming’, requiring fashion students to design a t-shirt for ENZ’s Brand Ambassador, Stephen Fleming. The competition encouraged students from India to incorporate creative designs showcasing the unique values of both countries. The winner received a two week internship at AUT’s Fashion School.

As well, over the past couple of months, two students from Viet Nam and India, and one each from Indonesia and Malaysia undertook all-expenses paid internships at various institutes in New Zealand.

We’ve received some outstanding feedback from the interns and the respective institutions, both during the internships and after the students returned home. Here’s a taste of what they said:  

Armeet Narang, a student from Symbiosis Institute, Pune won a four-week internship at Avondale College

"My experience in New Zealand as an intern is something I will cherish in the future. The people, culture, food, and the work ethic is very much different than in India, something that left me speechless. It was robust and fresh, something I believe every student needs in their college life. Perhaps, what left me astonished was the education system over there, so much more developed. Avondale College and the staff at the International Department were so warm and welcoming I settled right in. It was too good to be true for me. My homestay parents were simply perfect. A month after my return, I still miss that place - the weather, the food and the people. Such an opportunity is sure to open many doors for me, and I cannot be grateful enough.” - Armeet Narang

“Avondale College welcomed the opportunity to host an intern from India and we were most pleased with the successful candidate when he arrived. Armeet immediately became one of the team at the Avondale College International Department, and set up his work station in the reception office - a signal to us he was here to integrate with the students, learn how a busy office worked, and to offer a new perspective.

Initial discussions on how Armeet could add value included doing a SWOT analysis, reviewing current strategies of NZ Schools active in the Indian market, and developing a marketing strategy and plan for Avondale College to implement. Having a particular interest in use of media and digital channels, Armeet launched into a review of the current Avondale College website and Facebook usage and developed a best practice model to head towards.

Armeet took every advantage of getting out and about in Auckland and the North Island. His trip culminated in attending the All Blacks game against Australia. His first rugby match he described it almost as good as an IPL match. From our perspective the internship was a huge success with learnings from both Armeet and institution. Many thanks to ENZ for the opportunity. We are solid advocates for such projects.” - Chris Klaassen, Director of International, Avondale College  

Nguyen Hoai Thuong, Vietnam won a four-week internship at Palmerston North Girls High School

“What I love most about New Zealand is that people are very friendly. I didn’t feel like I was in a foreign country, but at home, as a family member. The environment in New Zealand also captured my attention, since people have good awareness of environment protection, and it did have an impact on me after coming back to Vietnam. I also learnt a lot from my colleagues, not only marketing knowledge, but also their passion. They inspired me and made me realise that once you pour all your heart into doing something, anything can be meaningful and memorable. I really hope that one day I can go back to NZ, to learn more and explore more, and most of all, to see again the people giving me the best time of my youth.” - Nguyen Hoai Thuong  

Pham Phuong Lam, Vietnam won a four-week internship at Academic Colleges Group

“The one-month internship at ACG was an unforgettable experience. Auckland is a small, multi-cultural city that has made me feel welcome since my very first day. I love the people here, they are friendly, open and very kind. Working in ACG is my first working abroad experience. My colleagues always support and give me good advice to know more about international marketing. ACG has many education institutions that has helped me gain an overall view of New Zealand education, which is famous for critical thinking development and taking good care of international students.” - Pham Phuong Lam


Competition winners: Intern Edo with Vice Chancellor Stuart McChutcheon and Deputy Vice Chancellor Jenny Dixon.

Edo Dwi Prayogo, Indonesia won a four-week internship at The University of Auckland

“I was surprised how easy the Vice Chancellor was to talk to. I feel so lucky to have this whole opportunity. This is my first internship, and I’m having so many new experiences. I’m really enjoying the work environment – it’s so interesting to learn how an organisation reaches international markets, and to be involved in that.” - Edo Dwi Prayogo

“Having Edo with us for a month has been fantastic. He has made an excellent contribution to the team and we have benefitted from the insights he has provided into the Indonesian market and Indonesian culture.” - University of Auckland International Marketing Manager Shane Ball  

Kong Kah Weng (Eric), Malaysia won a four-week internship at Choose New Zealand Education Alliance

Life here is completely different compared to Malaysia. What I have noticed so far, New Zealand is much more structured, less polluted, westernised, the standard of living is higher, buildings are flat, less traffic congestion, convenient public transportation and the city is filled with outrageously beautiful natural scenes.

My first day working with Novo Education was remarkable, work culture here is very different. Working hours can be flexible; capability, trust and responsibility are amongst the key qualities of being a good staff. I have been catching up and learning many different tasks as an intern. In fact the work environment moulds you towards a positive working culture.

I have got to know some friends here doing their undergraduate program at a polytechnic institution. In Malaysian’s mind, polytechnics are lousy. This perception does not apply to New Zealand surprisingly. Instead, they offer various types of programmes, well recognised locally and internationally up to postgraduate level. On top of it, they cost less than university.

Lamb and beef taste like heaven! Many other local productions like diary, chocolate, chips and wine are a must try.  My honest opinion, I think I feel in love with this country and things around.” - Eric Kong

“Novo Education has been delighted to host the ENZ prize winning student from Malaysia, Eric Kong, as an intern for 4 weeks. Eric visited the campuses of Choose New Zealand members in Auckland, New Plymouth, Whitianga, Greymouth and Christchurch, and is even more enthusiastic about New Zealand education than before he arrived, and was very active in posting positive comments on social media. In turn he has provided us with some insights and research into potential niche markets in Malaysia, and we feel quite excited about future opportunities there.

We wish him very well in his continuing studies. Thank you to Education New Zealand for the opportunity to participate in this internship programme, and we can certainly recommend it to any other institution in the future. ” - Bruce Cleland, Chairman, Choose New Zealand Education Alliance  

Somsurvo Chatterjee, a student from NIFT, Kolkata won a two-week internship at the AUT University’s Fashion School

“I am learning new, innovative ways of garment designing at AUT, which will help me incorporate new design elements when I go back to Kolkata. I am enjoying the student life and culture in Auckland, people on campus have been very friendly and the students from the fashion department organised a surprise picnic for me at the studio which means a lot considering I am in a new country. I will cherish my time and learnings at AUT for life. - Somsurvo Chatterjee

India20t shirt203

Winner of the ‘Fashion for Fleming’ design competition Somsuvro Chatterjee with his winning design for Stephen Fleming inspired by the Christchurch Cardboard Cathedral.

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