23 November 2016 at 9:00 am

ENZ builds agricultural links in Brazil

To explore partnerships in the agricultural sector, ENZ and MFAT met with Brazilian agencies earlier this month to teach one another about each country’s education system and qualification levels, and identify areas where they can connect. 

ENZ’s Ana Azevedo and Andre Capella (MFAT) at CNA. (Photo by Tony Oliveira/Trilux)

The agencies were the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock in Brazil (CNA, the Brazilian equivalent of Federated Farmers of New Zealand) and the National Service for Rural Learning (SENAR). Similar to New Zealand institutions, both agencies see innovation and technology as a key part of higher education, and value practical learning.

The CNA Technical University is focussed entirely on the agriculture sector, and has the highest evaluations from the Ministry of Education. It is now looking to partner with New Zealand education providers to internationalise their programmes. Distance learning also plays an important role at CNA.

SENAR operates in a slightly different way. Without physical classrooms, SENAR technicians take training and knowledge offsite to farms throughout Brazil, studying problems with clients directly and offering solutions and support. Technicians work with each client for two years, with the goal to make them independent of SENAR’s support. Courses can be from the most basic level such as hygiene, to management issues such as how to manage water and soil resources.

ENZ’s Senior Market Development Manager – Brazil, Ana Azevedo, says New Zealand’s reputation in the agricultural sector, combined with the practical approach of New Zealand institutions, means providers such as these are eager to build partnerships with us.

“Because CNA only offers agricultural studies, they are looking to partner with institutions who share their focus. This is where New Zealand has an advantage, as our reputation as leaders in the agricultural industry, combined with our practical hands-on education system makes New Zealand a very attractive study destination for young Brazilians in this field.”

Following the meeting, CNA has offered to contact ENZ with partnership ideas to present to New Zealand institutions. We will aim to build on these discussions in the coming months for tangible results.


Photo by Tony Oliveira/Trilux

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