28 May 2014 at 9:00 am

Generation Study Abroad

Three new awards have been announced for Generation Study Abroad students from the United States.

Students can now apply for a US$2,000 travel award to help with flights to New Zealand and US$500 towards study at a university or participating institute of technology or polytechnic.

Currently fewer than 10 percent of all US college students study abroad at some point in their academic career. Generation Study Abroad is a new initiative by the Institute of International Education to double the number of American students who study abroad by the end of the decade.

“New Zealand is already in the top 20 destinations for US students studying abroad, so partnering with Generation Study Abroad should provide a boost to the number of American students coming here,” says Amy Rutherford, International Market Manager for North America at Education New Zealand. “Each of the eight New Zealand universities and a number of institutes of technology have provided funding for the Study Abroad Excellence Awards which were announced at the NAFSA annual conference and expo in San Diego, California this week.”

In 2012 there were 1,965 US students enrolled in New Zealand institutions, the majority at universities on one semester programmes. American students make up around two percent of the total number of international students studying in New Zealand. Almost 250 US colleges and universities of all types and sizes from 46 states have joined Generation Study Abroad today. New Zealand is one of ten countries to commit to a government partnership with the Institute of International Education.

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