Staying interest-free when you're overseas

Government-funded scholarship for study

A government scholarship refers to partially and fully-funded scholarships provided by government departments and Crown agents.

The government department or agency needs to have a scholarship program in place. A person working for a government agency who just goes overseas for professional development won't meet the definition of undertaking study for a qualifying government scholarship.

 Verification of Eligibility

You'll need to verify your eligibility with Education New Zealand (ENZ).

You'll need to supply all of the following details:

Your full name.
Name of the scholarship received and the New Zealand government department or agency that administers it.
The date the scholarship was awarded.
Evidence that you're enrolled for full-time study overseas, or part-time study with a part-time internship.
The start and end dates of the scholarship.
The start and end dates of the study (and any internship).
You'll then need to provide Inland Revenue with evidence that the scholarship has been assessed by ENZ and meets the criteria for a qualifying government-funded scholarship.


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