9 May 2019 at 9:00 am

Agent training webinars for Malaysia and Thailand

ENZ has launched a webinar series for education agencies and counsellors to improve the profile and understanding of the benefits of a New Zealand education.

The webinars will provide updates on popular study options, student entry requirements, scholarships, visa processing, through to employment and career pathway opportunities in New Zealand.

Speakers will include New Zealand institution representatives as well as ENZ and Immigration New Zealand staff.

ENZ’s International Market Manager for Southeast Asia, John Mollo, says “We see these webinars as a way to provide the tools, training and intelligence that agents need to better promote New Zealand.”

The Malaysia Agent webinar is scheduled for 21 May at 10am local time and agents can register here

The Thailand Agent webinar is scheduled for 22 May at 10am local time and agents can register here

Please note: Registration for these webinars is for education agents only. ENZ is running a separate series of webinars for New Zealand education institutions.

Other country webinars are being planned and we will open registration shortly.

Agent market

Date and local time of webinar


Tuesday 18 June, 10am


Tuesday 16 July, 10am


Monday 1 July, 10am


Tuesday 20 August, 10am

Viet Nam

Tuesday 10 September, 10am

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