13 February 2023 at 10:00 am

New Zealand open and ready to welcome Colombian students

New Zealand is open and ready to welcome Colombian students – that was the clear message shared at the official re-launch of the New Zealand Education brand in Bogotá in November. 

Colombia NZ education brand relaunch
From left: ENZ’s Director of Engagement Latin America, Javiera Visedo; Manukura Chief Advisor Māori, Ed Tuari; Deputy Head of Mission, New Zealand Embassy in Bogotá, Colombia, Sarah Renouf; and Market Development Manager – Brazil, Bruna de Natale, at the relaunch of New Zealand education in Bogota.

More than 80 guests, including university authorities, school directors, government stakeholders, and education agents attended the event, which was opened with a haka performed by ENZ Manukura – Chief Advisor Māori Ed Tuari and Āriana Ngārimu-Goldsmith, Advisor Māori.  

One of the highlights of the event was the launch of Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao’s I AM NEW kākahu campaign in Spanish.  

The I AM NEW kākahu marketing campaign was launched at NAFSA 2022 in May and features the stories of eight international students from China, Colombia, Germany, India, Japan, Thailand, USA, and Viet Nam. The students worked alongside Māori fashion designer Kiri Nathan to collaborate on the design of a new type of education garment that embodies cultural values that make New Zealand education unique.  

Bryann Avendaño is the Colombian student featured in the campaign. His kākahu gown was on display at the event and he narrated the accompanying campaign video in Spanish (you can watch the video here) 

“New Zealand has its eye on all things new,” Avendaño told the audience.   

“How to think ahead for next generations, and this is the gown for the next generations. The way the gown is made by many hands and with a lot of thought put into it, it’s kind of an analogy of how science is made. It’s a collective effort to create new things, innovate, and make the world a better place.”  

ENZ’s Director of Engagement – Latin America, Javiera Visedo, said Bryann’s message was a powerful and impactful.  

“The video and the message he shared was so powerful, especially because it was made in Spanish, his native language.   

“People were really impressed and proud to see a Colombian student feature in ENZ’s global brand campaign. 

“Everyone appreciated how New Zealand’s international education includes and celebrates Colombia. It was perceived as honest, genuine, and authentic in a way that really represents New Zealand’s values and celebrates New Zealand’s culture.” 

Some education agents said that it was a great way to promote New Zealand as a study destination, without being too explicit, and that they understood New Zealand’s biculturalism much better now.  

ENZ’s Manukura – Chief Advisor Māori, Ed Tuari said he enjoyed the opportunity to connect with local agents and government officials and provide an opportunity to open a window to te ao Māori. “It was great to be able to support the opening campaign by interweaving aspects of tikanga (protocols) which included performing a haka, which definitely got their attention! 

“We all believe in the value of international education nurturing global connections and the power of education to advance dialogues related to engagement of our indigenous people, social justice and climate.” 

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