24 October 2018 at 9:00 am

Are you making the most of IntelliLab?

Since its launch in August 2017, ENZ’s IntelliLab portal has added over 500 high-quality reports, research, market intelligence and more for industry and government to access – with more intelligence added every week


ENZ’s Intelligence Manager Andrew McPhee encourages all New Zealand education providers working in international education to make the most of this resource.

“International education professionals want to be as informed as possible before making important decisions – IntelliLab should be your go-to source,” he says.

IntelliLab is free, easy to access and provides the latest information on student numbers and trends, market information, industry valuations, research, and insights on developments such as the recent downturn in new Chinese students, to help industry make informed decisions.

“It also includes exclusive content – while the summary dashboards and most infographics are available for anyone to download, the reports and insights are only available to registered New Zealand government officials and international education providers.

“The interactive numbers tools in particular are popular with users, such as TED (The Enrolments Data), as it enables providers to analyse student numbers over the past five years by their key markets, sectors, and region,” Andrew says.

Christchurch NZ Programme Manager Bree Loverich says the data from IntelliLab is a key source of support for the work she does at a regional level.

“We are increasingly asked to provide data insights at a moments’ notice for various stakeholders and to support business cases for our student visitor activities, major events, talent attraction and retention.

“The support and quality of data provided by ENZ’s intelligence team is outstanding. They have always provided quality insights and analysis to support our efforts to make informed decisions and projects that benefit industry and the student body.

“They have also made it possible for me to articulate the value of the industry to key influencers in the region. It’s a service that the region has come to trust and we could not be successful without it.”

Recently added publications include:

  • Monthly visa summaries and the interactive visa tool updates
  • New Zealand Education system at a glance (OECD and MOE updates)
  • Regional student number data cubes
  • Economist Intelligence Unit country, region, and city reports
  • 2018 Student numbers interactive tool
  • 2018 Enrolments by level and field (SDR providers only)
  • Market update webinars
  • Viet Nam schools sector implementation plan
  • China market trends -FSV decline report 

Soon to be added publications will include:

  • 2018 valuation of international education delivered in New Zealand
  • 2018 valuation of education exports from New Zealand
  • Valuation infographics
  • Regional infographics
  • Sector factsheets
  • Market factsheets

You can access the IntelliLab registration page here.

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