12 December 2023 at 10:00 am

Around the world in five

Education news stories from our key partner countries around the world.

Around the world in 10


The government of Hong Kong has announced ambitions to become an international hub for post-secondary education with measures including an increased quota for international undergraduates at public universities, more scholarships and work rights for postgraduate students. 


North America  

Canada is set to introduce a “recognised institution” framework, through which colleges and universities with a positive record of vetting and supporting international students may be eligible for fast-track study permits. This comes after over 100 Indian students faced potential deportation earlier this year after their admission letters to Canadian colleges were found to be fake, which the students were unaware of.  


Middle East 

A British school in Abu Dhabi that has been rated outstanding by the Emirate's school regulator for promoting the UAE's national identity said it has weaved elements of the country's culture, history, heritage and, Arabic language into its UK curriculum. The British International School Abu Dhabi is home to 2,080 pupils from 96 countries, with one in five pupils at the school being Emirati. 



According to the Irish Higher Education Authority (HEA), In 2022/23, Ireland set a new all-time high for the number of international students studying at Irish universities. 33,480 students were enrolled at Irish universities last year, an increase of nearly 12% compared to 2021/22, according to the report. Furthermore, India’s student population in Ireland has grown by a significant 17.8%, reflecting a surging trend. 



South African business schools are a higher education success story and champions in terms of higher education on the African continent. Though competing for students, they display a strong ethos of collaboration, generated by a sense of shared purpose to upskill a “new” country. These schools show the power of collaboration, common purpose, and internationalisation outlook.  

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