1 February 2017 at 9:00 am

Around the world in five

A lot has happened around the world since we ushered in the New Year. Here’s a round-up of five international education developments from around the world.

Around the world in 5 2


The focus in major study destinations is now turning to diversification, and with good reason: roughly 60% of all international students in the US come from only four countries, with China as lead supplier. The same pattern plays out in the UK, Canada and Australia – and here in New Zealand. Here are five emerging markets to watch.

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Colleges and universities are grappling with the implications of President Trump’s executive order barring people from seven mostly-Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. Several schools have told students and scholars affected by the ban to refrain from traveling outside the US because of worries they may not be allowed to re-enter.

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There have been signs of strengthening demand for study abroad among Japanese students. Expanded funding support for study abroad from the Japanese government is expected to further stimulate student mobility, perhaps even doubling outbound numbers by 2020. In this video, Hiromi Shimamura, president of EduAbroad, shares four important tips for recruiters approaching the Japanese market.

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Private lender Commonwealth Bank Indonesia has launched an AusStudent Package to provide financial services for Indonesian students pursuing their education in Australia. Through this package, students can open an account with the bank’s Australian division prior to their arrival in the country, easing financial transactions for students in Australia and their parents in Indonesia.

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Chinese students account for the biggest portion of overseas students globally, yet frequent visa policy adjustments and mounting admission difficulties are expected to affect their numbers in 2017. Another trend projection for 2017 is the growing numbers of younger students heading abroad to English-speaking countries.

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