28 February 2018 at 9:00 am

Around the world in five

Here’s a round-up of five developments and news stories from key international education markets.

Around the world in 17


Sydney launches draft international education action plan

Sydney has launched a draft international education action plan, including programmes and funding to welcome international students to Sydney, promote their health and wellbeing and increase employability.

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International students’ tuition fees are a double-edged sword

Tuition fees are among the most hotly debated issues in higher education policy discussions. At least 10 OECD countries have implemented reforms in this area since 2010, as evidence suggests foreign students are less willing to select a host country with high tuition fees.

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Jordan to recognise overseas degrees

To help Jordian students understand foreign accreditations and encourage them to choose reputable institutions when studying abroad, Jordan is set to recognise degrees earned at universities overseas.

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Era of internationalisation of higher education coming to an end?

The growth of internationalisation – including massive global student mobility, the expansion of branch campuses, joint degrees, the use of English as a language for teaching and research – appears to have come to an end in Europe and North America.

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Web portal for students to combat fraudulent agents and bogus courses

The Indian government is launching a web portal to protect its international students from getting duped by fraudulent agents and bogus courses. The website will list accredited universities and supply verified information on visa norms in a range of countries favoured by Indian students.

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