27 March 2019 at 9:00 am

Around the world in five

Here’s a round-up of five developments and news stories from key international education markets.

Around the world in 31


Gaokao offers colleges “new opportunities” for global recruitment 

China's national university entrance exam – the Gaokao – is increasingly being accepted by universities in the US and elsewhere in the world.

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UK global university ranking Brexit warning

UK’s strong performance in global university rankings could be adversely affected by Brexit if access is disrupted to European funding and research partnerships.

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South Korea to tighten foreign students' visa requirements

The government is tightening visa rules for international students in Korean language programmes at universities after finding a three-fold increase in the number of students in these programmes staying on illegally in the country.

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What makes international students happy?

An international student's country of origin plays a huge role in what makes them happy, along with factors such as employability skills, future job prospects and education experience.

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Foreign students are one solution for Germany's shrinking universities

A research report recommends regional universities in Germany continue to make themselves more attractive to international students amid the decline in domestic students.

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