10 April 2019 at 9:00 am

Around the world in five

Here’s a round-up of five developments and news stories from key international education markets.

Around the world in 32


Another step toward a new international education strategy

The Canadian government has announced funding for a new international education strategy that will place emphasis on increasing the outbound mobility of Canadian students.

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Making ‘Study in India’ a success

A lack of infrastructure, funding constraints and a non-existent support system for international students are a few issues restricting 'Brand India' from making India an attractive study destination.

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Humanism is at the heart of international education

Refugee and at-risk migrant students are engaging in international education in different ways than traditional study abroad populations due to the mobility forced on them.

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Increase in students researching study options 2+ years in advance 

Students in China are increasingly commencing preparations to study abroad as early as two years in advance, basing their decision on factors such as expanding international knowledge.

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Education on AI proposed for university and technical college students

A panel of experts has called for all university and technical college students in Japan to be given beginner-level education on artificial intelligence with the aim to boost AI research and development.

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