24 November 2022 at 10:30 am

Around the world in five

Education news stories from our key partner countries around the world 

Around the world


Māori and Mapuche concert at UAHC 


Build a strong security line during study abroad-China Overseas Chinese Network 

The 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and New Zealand marks a new chapter in educational cooperation 


University Of Auckland: University Earns Double Top Ranking for Sustainability 

University of Waikato Announces Scholarships Worth NZ$ 500K for Indian Students 

To greener pastures? 


New Zealand Education Minister shares tips when facing the pressures of studying abroad 

Third Year, KIWI Challenge 2022 Entrepreneurial Competition is back 

South Korea 

Right time to elevate New Zealand-Korea educational partnership: minister 

Incheon City Education Bronze Asia International Education Institute signs business agreement with New Zealand Education Promotion Agency 


Ch8 ENZ, in collaboration with nearly 50 leading New Zealand educational institutions, organized the "New Zealand Education 2022" event 

New Zealand Education Guidance with Scholarships Free Registration 5 Nov 2022 

United States 

Two-thirds of colleges plan to grow efforts to reach foreign students and expand their global presence 

University of Richmond gets ahead of International Education Week with New Zealand ‘gumboot throwing’ 

Outbound US study abroad down 91% 

Viet Nam 

PM Ardern meets Prime Minister of Viet Nam for Prime Ministers’ Summit 

More learning opportunities for students with New Zealand Schools 

Vietnam, New Zealand Agreed to Expand Cooperation 

Nearly 1,000 students participated in the New Zealand Education Fair 2022 

ENZ: Connection through education 

How has New Zealand's advanced education changed young people? 

Things I wish I knew before studying in New Zealand 


Agents: demand set to ‘exceed’ pre-pandemic level 

Immigrants and international students boost exports 

It is a wonderful time to be international students 

Australian visa grants to Indian subcontinent students plummet 

Survey shows growth in climate-related university courses 

New Zealand 

International student opens up on loneliness of studying in NZ 

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