17 October 2019 at 9:00 am

'Ask New Anything' campaign update

What do you want to know about studying in New Zealand? That is the question ENZ’s new digital campaign is asking prospective students around the world. 

ANA update

ENZ’s most technologically sophisticated campaign yet, ‘Ask New Anything’, is now live and we invite New Zealand education providers and ENZ Recognised Agencies to join us.

Aimed at prospective students, ‘Ask New Anything’ takes 100 questions frequently asked by international students considering New Zealand as a study destination and provides unscripted video responses from real international students, sharing their first-hand knowledge of studying and living in New Zealand.

All 100 Q&A videos are available on YouTube for New Zealand education providers and ENZ Recognised Agencies to use in your own marketing. The hero video, featuring a series of students answering the question “What surprised you about studying in New Zealand?” is available for download on the ENZ Brand Lab.

Digital media advertising will run for the next six weeks in 14 key markets: Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, the United Kingdom, USA, and Viet Nam. We encourage you to make use of the content and to leverage the campaign during this time. 

By interacting with Tohu - the Study in New Zealand chatbot, or directly with current students through Instagram Live events and on a new Facebook group, prospective students can ‘Ask New Anything’. The chatbot technology, use of social channels and content localisation mean every prospective student will have a unique and personalised experience.

At time of writing, these Q&A videos are currently trending on Tohu: 

  1. What are New Zealanders like?
  2. Are there any postgraduate training opportunities in New Zealand?
  3. What’s the learning style like at New Zealand schools?
  4. Are the facilities high quality in New Zealand?
  5. How many different cultures are at a New Zealand school?

The bespoke ‘Ask New Anything’ campaign was launched in China this week, using China-specific technologies and platforms. Read more about the China campaign on the ENZ corporate website.

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