12 December 2019 at 9:00 am

By the numbers – Enrolment data and Perceptions survey

The Education Minister has released the latest Enrolment data, along with the 2019 Perceptions Research. Here’s a breakdown by the numbers.

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Enrolment data 2018 

  • 117,276 international students enrolled in 2018 

Enrolments by sector 

  • Schools – 22,276 

  • Private Training Establishments (excluding ELS) – 25,466 

  • English Language Schools (ELS) – 21,221 

  • Institutes of Technology/ Polytechnics (ITPs) – 17,240 

  • Universities – 31,529 

What countries do international students come from?

  • China – 32% 

  • India – 14% 

  • Japan – 8% 

  • Korea – 5% 

Other key enrolment findings 

  • University enrolments for international students are at a six-year high and the sector is now the largest receiver of international students (27% or 31,529). This is a 7% increase from 2017.  

  • International students studying in the school sector has also increased by 6%.  

  • The regional distribution of international students is also at a six-year high.  

  • There is a growing diversity in where international students are coming from, with the number of students coming from Latin America up by 7%.  

Perceptions 2019 highlights 

The Perceptions research shows us what New Zealanders think about international education and the perceived benefits it brings to the country and our communities. Here are some of the highlights from the report.  

  • Almost three in five Kiwis believe that international education positively contributes to New Zealand as a country, while over half believe it contributes at a community level.  

  • More Kiwis are seeing international education as positively contributing to New Zealand’s tourism, economy and economic growth, our international networks and trading connections and a multi-cultural New Zealand.  

  • The social, cultural and economic benefits that international education brings to New Zealand are widely recognised by the New Zealand public.  

  • 65% of New Zealanders recognise the benefits international education brings to New Zealand’s economy and its economic growth. This has increased from 56% in 2017.  

  • In the regions, 53% believe international education benefits the regional economy in comparison to 49% in 2017.        

  • More people are seeing the opportunity for international students to learn about New Zealand’s culture and way of life – 76% in 2019 compared to 64% in 2017. 

Read the full report on Intellilab.

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