19 June 2019 at 9:00 am

Chinese and Korean education agents visit New Zealand

In May, ENZ hosted seven education agents from China and Korea to showcase the schools’ sector as part of an agent famil.

Chinese and Korean education agents visit New Zealand
Education agents from China and Korea with ENZ and Venture Southland staff at Waihopai School.

The famil visit focused on promoting schools in Canterbury and Southland.

ENZ’s Marketing Development Manager – China, Jane Liu, said the famil was successful in developing the agents’ understanding of the study offerings in these South Island regions.

“The agents came away better informed and confident about promoting these regions to students and to their colleagues,” Jane said.

“Most of the agents had never been to New Zealand before. They were strongly impressed by what they saw and experienced. Throughout the trip, they identified key marketing messages for the schools, towns and cities they visited and used social media to share their experiences.”

ENZ’s International Market Manager, Ross Fisher, said the agents shared valuable feedback after the visit and had already started using marketing collateral and information gathered during the visit for student and parent counselling, education events and staff training in their agencies.

“New Zealand appealed to them for the way in which it offers quality education in an open and welcoming environment. One of the agents even commented how it is a place that helps students ‘calm down and focus on study’,” Ross said.

“It was fantastic to have this feedback and to know that they are feeling a lot more confident about promoting New Zealand schools in China and Korea.”

The importance that New Zealand schools place on teaching and respecting Māori culture made an impression on the Korean agents.

ENZ’s Senior Market Development Manager – Korea, Kay Lee, said one agent was particularly impressed with how Māori culture is woven through the school curriculum.

“He said New Zealanders’ open and inclusive attitude was one of the key reasons to consider studying in New Zealand.”

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