26 April 2017 at 9:00 am

ChristchurchNZ to launch this year

A number of organisations in the Christchurch and Canterbury region are merging into a single entity – ChristchurchNZ – in an effort to optimise the opportunities that tourism, international education, major events, city promotion and economic development can deliver.

Christchurch Educated is one of the agencies that will merge into ChristchurchNZ.

Bree Loverich, Programme Manager for Christchurch Educated, said the new single agency will provide better opportunities for the international education industry to create a globally connected region, providing enhanced student opportunities and outcomes with enduring benefits for the community.

“Over the next 15 years, Canterbury is expecting big changes to the world of work, losing more than 70,000 workers as baby boomers move into retirement, while technological disruption will massively impact our economy.

“ChristchurchNZ is aware that the city is going to need a great deal of smart and skilled people to continue to drive the economic development already underway. One of the best ways to do this is via a joined-up approach to maximise opportunities,” said Bree.

ChristchurchNZ brings together Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism (CCT), the Convention Bureau, Canterbury Development Corporation (CDC), Christchurch Educated, and the Christchurch City Council’s Major Events team. Together, their purpose is to ‘support prosperity, opportunity and a great quality of life in Christchurch and Canterbury’.

This will be achieved by:

  • developing a positive city profile and promoting the city to residents, national and international audiences
  • attracting visitors, migrants, students, new business and investment through integrated marketing, major events and conferences
  • ensuring the business environment supports successful and sustainable enterprise and encourages creativity and innovation.

Bree said one example of collaboration already underway is the Canterbury Job Ready Programme, designed and delivered by economic development, regional Chambers of Commerce, NZ Trade and Enterprise and the regional international education team.

In collaboration with ChristchurchNZ Major Events, next year’s International Student Welcome will run as the opening event of the city’s Lantern Festival.

“ChristchurchNZ will continue to look for synergies to work smarter as a region to result in greater attraction, but also retention of international students who benefit from being here and in turn benefit the region,” said Bree.

ChristchurchNZ will be located in the new BNZ Centre, Cashel Mall once the premises are completed in July or August.

Until the merger process is completed later in the year, many of these organisations will continue to deliver to their existing business plans. All permanent employees will then move to ChristchurchNZ, so all staff relationships and contacts will continue as normal.

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