28 September 2016 at 9:00 am

Development of new international education strategy underway

Education New Zealand, working with the Ministry of Education, is leading the development of a new international education strategy. See below for how to get involved.

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Chief Executive Grant McPherson says Education New Zealand is aiming for a strategy that offers a step change in thinking, enjoys wide support and paves the way for sustained quality outcomes for all stakeholders, especially international students.

Timeline to a strategy"International education touches many parts of our country and many individuals, organisations and businesses. We want everybody to see themselves reflected in the strategy. That means casting the net wide in its development."

“We are setting out to challenge and be challenged – we encourage all interested parties to be involved in strategy development.”

International student numbers and the economic value of the international education industry have grown steadily since the Leadership Statement for International Education was released in 2011.

In announcing the development of the new strategy at conference, Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce said that while the Leadership Statement set aspirational targets for the industry out to 2025, it is now time for a new plan that offers a clear view of the opportunities and challenges ahead, as well as an aligned strategy across government to inform and lead industry development.

Grant says that the new international education strategy is an opportunity for New Zealand to consolidate its current position and use it as a platform for future growth.

“Building sustainable growth in international education will require a diversified and innovative approach that looks to the future.

“We’re interested in rebalancing the targets across social, cultural and economic values as well as outcomes and experiences. 

“While student mobility remains important, we’ll be increasing our focus on our education expertise in products and services which is an area of enormous opportunity for New Zealand.

“We are setting out to challenge and be challenged – we encourage all interested parties to be involved in strategy development.” – Grant McPherson, Chief Executive, Education New Zealand

“It’s also important that the contribution of international education to our regional communities and economies is emphasised in the strategy.”

Work is underway on planning for broad engagement with stakeholders over the next couple of months (see below to register for a workshop), followed by consultation on the draft strategy in January and February.  A focus is on making involvement as straightforward as possible for industry participants through online and direct engagement.

Strategy workshops – register now

The strategy workshops are your chance to put your ideas forward and listen to the ideas of others. Please register for a workshop now at info@enz.govt.nz

Wellington, Monday 17 October – 1-4pm
Cliftons venue, Level 28, Majestic Tower, 100 Willis Street

Auckland, Tuesday 18 October – 12-3pm
Cliftons venue, Level 4, 45 Queen Street

Auckland, Wednesday 19 October – 9.30-12.30pm
Cliftons venue, Level 4, 45 Queen Street

Christchurch, Thursday 20 October – 12.30-3.30pm
Tait Communications, 245 Wooldridge Road, Harewood

Tauranga, Tuesday 1 November – 10-1pm
Club Mount Maunganui, 45 Kawaka Street, Mount Maunganui

You will also shortly have the opportunity to share your ideas online. A formal consultation process will begin in mid-December.

We will provide regular updates on strategy development and ways to be involved through E-News.

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