17 July 2019 at 9:00 am

E-News content refresh coming soon

From August, ENZ is making some changes to E-News to offer our readers the international education content that they most seek.

E news content refresh coming soon

The E-News content refresh is the outcome of ENZ’s review of analytics over the past year. This has demonstrated our readers’ strong preference for forward-looking market insights and intelligence updates.  

By tailoring the newsletter content to audience preferences, ENZ will be able to deliver a sharper, more insightful E-News to the international education sector.

ENZ’s General Manager – Stakeholders and Communications, John Goulter, said that ENZ is keen to offer more value through E-News, which is ENZ’s main industry-focused channel.   

“We want to ensure we’re using E-News to truly help international education thinking and deliver better value to industry,” John said.

“With the new format, we will aim to share more market insights and updates from our International team and other sources, and articles on trends, new initiatives, research findings and other intelligence to help industry make informed decisions on marketing, student experience and adapting to the rapid pace of change in international education globally.”

The changes mean that from August onwards, we will publish E-News monthly instead of fortnightly.

The final fortnightly E-News issue will be published on 31 July, followed by a monthly issue starting the week of 19 August.  

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