19 November 2020 at 9:00 am

Education New Zealand launches Brand Protect 2.0 Campaign

ENZ is taking advantage of a key moment, while sentiment towards New Zealand remains positive around the world, to tell the New Zealand education story in key markets.


On 23 November, ENZ will be launching a digital brand campaign informally known as ‘Brand Protect 2’.

This is a direct continuation of the Brand Protect campaign that ran July to August, and became our most successful brand awareness campaign to date. Research shows us that global sentiment towards New Zealand remains positive, so this is a key moment to leverage this attention to tell the education story in-market. 

The new iteration will run in Indonesia, the UK, and Viet Nam from 23 November-23 December, with China following in January. Our campaign activity will be supported by a range of content on our own social media channels. 

In addition to the content, a new landing page has been developed to further underline New Zealand education values and draw a connection between our global reputation and the strength of our education system. As well as this, audiences will be directed to explore their future study options on SINZ and join our social communities.

Please email brand@enz.govt.nz for all questions and enquiries, or speak to your ENZ representative.

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