9 November 2016 at 9:00 am

ENZ announces organisation changes

Education New Zealand is pleased to announce some changes to our organisation. 

The changes are a reflection of the significant growth within the industry and change in focus that ENZ has experienced since its establishment in 2011, and in particular to suggestions included in the Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) completed early this year.

The main changes are outlined below.

  • A flatter senior leadership structure with the three Regional Directors now reporting directly to Chief Executive Grant McPherson, and disestablishment of the GM International role. The three Regional Directors are: Lisa Futschek, Regional Director, Americas & Europe, based in Wellington; Alex Grace, Regional Director China & North Asia, based in Beijing; and John Laxon, Regional Director India, SE Asia & Middle East, based in Dubai.
  • Creation of a new GM Strategy & Insight role to strengthen our market intelligence and analytics, and future thinking capability.
  • The current Marketing and Channels Team will be renamed Student Marketing, and will have primary responsibility for leading and managing our student-focused activities. This team will include a new Director of Student Experience role based in Auckland.

These changes are an important step in ENZ’s future, and stakeholders can expect to see further adjustments as we evolve.

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