23 November 2016 at 9:00 am

ENZ promotes education in Thailand

The ENZ Thailand team promoted New Zealand education to more than 50 school counsellors and students from Thailand’s Northern provinces when they joined the Office of Civil Service Commission (OCSC) institution road show in Chiang Rai last week.

IMG 6020
ENZ's roundtable discussion at the OCSC road show in Chiang Rai.

The counsellors were broken into small groups and rotated between roundtable discussions with Education New Zealand, the US Embassy, British Council, and OCSC.

ENZ’s Marketing and Strategic Relations Manager – Thailand, Chortip Pramoolpol, said this intimate road show format was helpful in sharing key information with the market without overwhelming them.

“It was a great way for school counsellors and students to gain insights into New Zealand’s education system and learn the many benefits of studying there.

“It also means information about New Zealand will be distributed into schools and to students who otherwise wouldn’t have New Zealand on their study abroad radar.”

IMG 5839

ENZ and RMUT representatives

The following day, ENZ met with the chairman and presidents of Rajamangala University of Technology (RMUT), a system of nine universities in Thailand. With RMUT’s link to industry and practical teaching styles, it is most similar to New Zealand ITPs.

ENZ’s South, Southeast Asia and Middle East Regional Director, John Laxon gave a crash course on the New Zealand ITP system, welcoming the possibility of future collaborations with RMUT in English language training, double-degree programmes and student exchanges.

To build on this knowledge, ENZ’s Thailand team have begun planning an education road show for all nine RMUT universities starting December.

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