13 March 2019 at 9:00 am

ENZ to test new digital platform for improving students’ experiences

ENZ will soon test a new digital platform called NauMai NZ that will help support the international student experience in New Zealand.

Nau Mai screen grab2

After two years of research and consideration, we have developed a world-leading digital solution to improve student experience outcomes wherever they study and live in New Zealand,” said ENZ Student Experience Director, Hayley Shields.   

Hayley said nau mai’ was both an invitation and a welcome in Māori and, in this instance, a call to action.  

The platformNauMai NZ, has been created in the spirit of manaakitanga – to welcome and respect our visitors, support them as they transition into a new country and culture, aid social inclusion and help them have the best possible experience whilst here. 

Students have consistently told us they require improved access to timely, accurate information, and guidance about the best places to find answers to their questions,” said Hayley. 

NauMai NZ will help international students get the pre-emptive information they need, and make suggestions to support them as they navigate daily life in their new home. 

The new platform will be rolled out in three phases. The first phase will help education providers to meet student needs by directing them to a single source of government informationInformation on the site reflects the international student journey from pre-arrival and across the first six months. 

NauMai NZ is directed toward life, work and social connections beyond a school or campus – for example, information on housing and accommodation or the New Zealand accent,” said Hayley.  

During the testing period, ENZ will invite a targeted group of students who are studying at a range of providers to engage with NauMai NZ as we prepare for its official launch.  

NauMai NZ aligns with a key action in the International Education Strategy launched last August – to continue to improve the availability of clear, timely and customer-focused information about education and immigration to students and providers. 

It also embodies the key objectives of the International Student Wellbeing Strategy, launched in June 2017, by providing content supporting and enhancing the social, cultural, community, health and wellbeing needs of international students. 

NauMai NZ is a distinctively New Zealand initiative, and will contribute to setting New Zealand apart as fully committed to the wellbeing of international students and ensuring they have a great experience here,” said Hayley.   

“Stay tuned for announcements over the coming months – we will be sharing more oncNauMai NZ is confirmed.  

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