19 July 2017 at 9:00 am

ENZ Viet Nam introduces agent-led fairs

For the first time, ENZ’s team in Viet Nam will work with a local education agent to host New Zealand education fairs on 23 and 24 September 2017. 

Tam Le, ENZ’s Marketing & Strategic Relations Manager for Viet Nam, said the decision is part of her team’s efforts to capitalise on the growing awareness of New Zealand’s education system in the market.

“Viet Nam’s academic year starts in late August and ends in late May, creating two key recruitment windows for international education: one in March/ April and one in September/ October. 

“It is important to promote New Zealand in these months, and while ENZ previously led the fairs in the March recruiting season, we would like to leverage the resources from one of our top local education agents for the September season.”

Together with Immigration New Zealand, ENZ’s Viet Nam team identified a number of potential education agents and conducted a “pitching process” to select the most competitive proposal.

The chosen education agent, L&V Education Consultancy, will work directly with the education providers for the events in September, in consultation with ENZ where required.

To register for these events, please visit ENZ’s events page. 

New Zealand’s education on Vietnamese national television

vietnam story pic2

A documentary called New Zealand: The road to knowledge, recently played on VTV4, one of Viet Nam’s national TV stations.

Tam said it is great to see New Zealand’s education offering introduced to Vietnamese audiences – especially on a national channel.

The documentary highlights the requirements needed to apply for New Zealand institutions and provides key information about life in New Zealand such as accommodation options, public transport and extra-curricular activities.

It also includes interviews with the New Zealand Ambassador to Viet Nam, university representatives, alumni and current students.

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