5 June 2019 at 9:00 am

ENZ working with INZ

ENZ has been working with INZ on how to communicate the steps that INZ is taking to address pressures in the visa processing system and how INZ and ENZ can work together to smooth future processing peaks. 

John Goulter, General Manager, Stakeholder and Communications, says “ENZ has been continuing to monitor international and domestic market reaction to student visa processing delays being experienced”. 

John confirms “ENZ is working with INZ to find ways to help providers through the current situation.  Both agencies have developed a joint work programme.  High level deliverables have been agreed and detailed planning is underway”.

Priority areas for the work programme include an overarching plan focused on communicating what INZ is doing to address processing pressures and how INZ and ENZ can align activities to help providers deliver on the goals of the International Education Strategy – to attract high quality students – including:

  • Information-sharing in relation to ENZ marketing strategies
  • Developing visa application checklists to help students provide complete applications.
  • Early communication of concerns/issues identified that could affect the sector (e.g. emerging immigration risks identified in markets, where appropriate)
  • Co-developing market reports to help the sector with key information about priority markets

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