14 May 2014 at 9:00 am

eT4e - Ed Tech for Export conference

Registration is now open for the second eT4e conference being held at Shed 6, Queens Wharf in Wellington on 19 - 20 June.

The conference is organised by Grow Wellington with the support of Education New Zealand.

This year's conference features four international speakers from business and academia - Lee Wilson, CEO of Filament Games in Wisconsin; Dr Erkki Sutinen, head of the edTech Research Group from the University of Eastern Finland; Jennifer Carolan, head of the NewSchools Seed Fund in California; and Hapara founder Jan Zawadzki.

They will be joined by national speakers including Noelene Anderson, Pixelhouse; David Ellis, NZCER; Adrian Sallis, Vital English; David Cameron, LearnKo and Maru Nihoniho, Metia Interactive.

Globally, education technology is one of the fastest growing sectors in education. Growth is being driven by increased student and teacher demand for engaging and effective learning solutions, the need to develop digital skills and digital citizenship in modern economies, and the entry of major technology corporates and investment entities into the business of education. Global expenditure is forecast to reach US$220b by 2017.

“Asia- Pacific is expected to be one of the leading regions for growth of edtech. Education New Zealand is keen to work with those companies with smart content and technology to capitalise on that demand,” says Clive Jones, General Manager of Business Development at Education New Zealand.

Education technology converts traditional education systems into automated virtual learning environments through web-based courses, assessment materials, online tutoring, professional development, and data management systems.

Visit www.edtechforexport.co.nz for more information, to check out the programme and to register

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