9 November 2016 at 9:00 am

Explaining NCEA to Korea

In October, Daryn Bean, Deputy Chief Executive of NZQA, gave a seminar on National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) in Seoul, Korea, to provide more information about the New Zealand school qualification system.

NCEA Korea
Daryn Bean (centre) at the NCEA seminar in Seoul.

Korea is New Zealand’s fourth largest market for the secondary school sector, and it is hoped that improving understanding of NCEA and its pathway options will significantly help to attract more Korean students to study in New Zealand schools.

Attendees at the NZQA seminar included key Korean agents, university admission officers and Ministry of Education officials.

The seminar focused on how NCEA works and how students can use their results to apply for admission to universities all over the world. A Q&A session followed.

Kristina Kim, a third-year student at Yonsei University, also presented, sharing her personal experience with NCEA from her time at Auckland’s Westlake Girls High School.

As NCEA is different from the Korean education and examination system, the presentation helped to reinforce key messages about New Zealand’s national senior secondary school qualification.

Shinyong Yang, an admission officer from Handong Global University, said the seminar was extremely helpful.
“We have recently seen a jump in the number of applicants with NCEA to our undergraduate programmes, which is promising. 

“I found the seminar helpful in clarifying my understanding of the New Zealand system, and specific aspects of NCEA such as the Student Results Summary.”  

Education New Zealand will continue to work with NZQA to provide more detailed information about NCEA in Korea. 

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