16 August 2017 at 9:00 am

Five steps to studying in New Zealand

International students visiting the Study in New Zealand (SiNZ) website can use the new ‘Five Steps to Studying in New Zealand’ feature to guide their application process.

SiNZ 5 steps

Lucia Alarcon, ENZ International Digital Project Manager, says the tool was developed to better support prospective international students, who often find it hard to know where to begin.

“Choosing to study abroad is a big decision, so we want to make it easier for students to start the process by breaking the study abroad journey into five easy steps.

“Research tells us that breaking down a decision into steps makes people more likely to start the process. User testing has shown our 5 Steps guide is a compelling way to encourage students to get started on their New Zealand study adventure.”

Using appealing graphics and simple language, the five steps cover study options, budgeting, applying for a course, applying for a visa and departure.

Each step guides students to relevant content on the SiNZ website, leading them to a wider range of pages. It also directs students to content added to SiNZ in recent months, such as the Cost of Living and Explore NZ pages.

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