12 October 2018 at 9:00 am

Future Proof 2.0

Education New Zealand has launched its latest global campaign, Future Proof 2.0, highlighting the people who make our education system world-ranking – our amazing teachers.

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The campaign builds on the success of an earlier campaign in March 2018, which reached more than 33 million potential students and achieved 14 million social engagements.

We encourage New Zealand education providers to align their marketing activities with Future Proof 2.0 to increase and amplify impact.

About the campaign

Future Proof 2.0 is an integrated global campaign run across paid media, social media engagement, studyinnewzealand.govt.nz, email and PR.

The campaign, which began 8 October and runs for eight weeks, aims to attract high quality students from our key strategic markets by raising awareness of New Zealand’s education quality.

It integrates all of ENZ’s marketing channels, draws on behavioural data from our database marketing programme and leverages the one million-strong audience on our social channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and, in China, WeChat).

The campaign will direct prospective students to a Future Proof 2.0 landing page and encourage them to join My StudyNZ, an online tool that helps them find the New Zealand study programmes that best suit their needs. Students can shortlist their favourite programmes, track their application progress and send enquiries to education providers.

Campaign messaging

Future Proof promotes a September 2017 report by The Economist Intelligence Unit ranking New Zealand as first out of 35 countries at preparing students for the future. Future Proof 2.0 continues the conversation by showcasing some of the exceptional teachers and academics who make New Zealand’s education system world leading.

The campaign’s central message is: Our teachers lead the world in preparing students for the future.

The key messages are:

1. Our teachers give you the skills to put your knowledge to work in the world.

  • Students in New Zealand learn to think critically and creatively, work collaboratively and develop a global mindset, making them more prepared, and adaptable, for the future world of work.

2. Our teachers challenge you to reach your potential in an unlimited learning environment.

  • Students in New Zealand gain practical, hands-on skills both inside and outside the classroom.

3. Our teachers are inspired by a society that encourages curiosity, new ideas and respect for the world around us.

  • Students in New Zealand thrive in an open, welcoming society that embraces new ideas and innovative thinking.

Future Proof 2.0 will keep the same slogan as the previous campaign: Future Proof yourself in New Zealand.

We’ve created compelling content – videos, photos and written content – to share stories about New Zealand’s teachers with the world.

While Future Proof 2.0 will feature many great teachers, our three stars are:

Professor Kathleen Campbell, a geologist, paleoecologist and astrobiologist at the University of Auckland

With her expert credentials and involvement in the NASA 2020 Mars Rover Mission, Kathleen is a standout example of the high-quality academics that students can work with at New Zealand universities. 

Mark Hanlen, a marine studies teacher at Whakatane High School 

A favourite amongst his students, and with an infectious passion for his subject, Mark's story makes a great showcase for hands-on, real-world learning. He brings the concept of manaakitanga (mutual respect) into his teaching both inside and outside the classroom.

Dr Faith Kane, a senior lecturer in textiles at Massey University

Faith brings a creative element with a future focus to the campaign. Her work in laser processing textiles and textile design for sustainability speaks to New Zealand's innovation strengths and real-world problem solving.


How can Future Proof 2.0 help you?

You can increase the impact of your marketing by aligning your timings and activities with Future Proof 2.0. For example, you might like to highlight your region’s or institution’s teachers while the campaign is running.

Using our creative assets

Assets we’ve created for the campaign include videos, imagery and blog posts, quotes and other written content about our teachers and their students. 

We will add all assets to The Brand Lab as they become available.

Useful resources

You can find advice on identifying audiences, channels and story ideas on the Skills Lab.

For example, there are practical tips on:

What's in it for me?