9 November 2016 at 9:00 am

Gather agent performance insights and minimise fraud risk

New Zealand education providers are being urged by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) to obtain complete agent performance data and to name agents on offers of place in a bid to minimise the risk of fraud in student applications from India.

Taking these additional steps will also help providers gather valuable insights about agent performance, INZ says in the November issue of its India student newsletter.

Agent performance data for the Indian student market currently includes approval rates for agents recruiting Indian students. This data is available on INZ’s website here.

However, if education providers ask for and receive an agent’s waiver or permission, they can request from INZ an agent’s complete performance data that covers the following points:

  • agent performance data based on total student visa application volumes
  • data that is market specific, about global performance, or covers any date range
  • information that includes, where possible/relevant, reasons for declined decisions
  • INZ will also disclose any instances of fraud or misrepresentation by the agent regarding any applications they have represented.

Complete performance data could help providers to make more informed decisions about agents they work with, INZ says.

Naming an agent on all offers of place also has its advantages. It allows INZ to accurately record the agent involved in each application, requires agents to declare themselves on student visa application forms and allows each provider to monitor and record the agent they have issued an offer of place to.

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