12 October 2020 at 9:00 am

How NauMai NZ helps us improve the international student experience

Eighteen months on from its initial launch, the award-winning NauMai NZ is now well positioned to help us promote summer activities happening around the country for international students.



NauMai NZ provides a digital home for international students who have chosen to study in New Zealand, and provide real-world information, support and expert resources to better enhance their student experience.

Since its launch in mid 2019, NauMai NZ has had over 220,000 users and 300,000 separate user sessions with an average bounce rate of 16 percent (very positive by industry standards). The NauMai NZ database has grown to over 8,700 students.

Our challenge this year has been to ensure NauMai NZ remains fit for purpose in the face of the extraordinary events of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 response

The COVID-19 crisis upended our personal and professional lives. International students, far from home had to grapple with a raft of new challenges.

In response, a dedicated NauMai NZ COVID-19 page was launched eight months ago. Written in plain English, it is regularly reviewed and pulls together government information directly relevant to international students in New Zealand.

To ensure reach to the large Chinese student cohort in the country, this page was also translated into simplified Chinese.

An associated Stay well, stay connected page was launched at the same time to support student wellbeing during lockdown and beyond. It provides context for likely emotional responses, provides proactive solutions and links to expert support resources. To date, these pages have been viewed over 60,000 times. 

Throughout this challenging year, other content has continued to be developed and delivered, including:

Coming soon! Summer in NZ activities

New pages will support those international students remaining in New Zealand over the summer.

These pages will highlight a range of activity and opportunities, including:

  • recreation activity across the country
  • links to summer programmes that have been developed for international students, and
  • information to support wellbeing and connection

On Saturday 31 October, ENZ will deliver a virtual fair (‘Your Great Kiwi Summer’) for students, providing tasters on a range of summer opportunities and signposting out to further information.

Subject experts, fellow international students and alumni from our Prime Minister’s Scholarships programmes will present on the day.

Being online will ensure equity of access to students across the country. Students will be able to register for the fair via the new Summer in NZ NauMai NZ pages.

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